Off to London we go !


So off to London we go – but not always as according to the best laid plans ! We were due to fly to Philadelphia from Nassau – and then on to London – but bad weather kept on delaying our flight until I saw the latest one and said to Bob that we would […]

Tippy’s reopens with a new outlook in Eleuthera

The view from this deck is always fabulous

Great news that Tippy’s has reopened and it has a new outlook ! Many of you will know that Elliott Rolle who was the manager is now a partner in the business – and he has a really refreshing attitude to what is going on. Firstly the building has had a nice revamp – the […]

Bahama Hand Prints to open in Governors Harbour


Great news and a preview – Bahama Hand Prints are opening in Governors Harbour. They are going to be in the Pink Perch building – just across the road from our office at the bottom of the up hill …. And guess who had a sneak preview prior to the opening on Saturday 17th November – […]