Things are loosening up a little in Eleuthera…..

This week I am happy to tell you that things are loosening up a little in Eleuthera now ! Well the liquor stores are open is what I really mean …. There have been 89 confirmed cases of Covid 19 in the Bahamas – 11 deaths – 26 recovered – so numbers are still pretty […]

Soup and other stories from Eleuthera ….

These last couple of weeks I have been making soup from scratch on a good few occasions so this week it is soup and other stories that make up the blog … I love soup and those who love me have to love it as well !!!! Fortunately we are still able to get lovely […]

Hats off to Tippy’s and back to work in construction !

This week we say hats off to Tippy’s for the wonderful work they are doing – and it’s back to work for the construction sites here in Eleuthera. Firstly let’s talk about Tippy’s. Ever since lockdown they have been cooking and distributing meals for the elderly on the island between James Cistern and Savannah Sound. […]