Best of an Eleutheran Christmas

So here we are – the best of our Eleutheran Christmas and other tidbits ! Christmas celebrations started for us with an overnight trip to Nassau to have dinner with our great friends from England – Ashley and Jilly – on the Saturday before Christmas. We returned early Sunday afternoon and I can tell you […]

Two Exceptional parties and another celebration !


This last week we have had two Exceptional parties and another celebration – our 24th wedding anniversary ….. First the two parties for the Exceptional Learners here in Governors Harbour.  The first was the Christmas pizza party at Tippy’s with all the usual bags of gifts , fizzy drinks, ice cream and pizza that we […]

Two celebrations of great lives in Eleuthera


This week we had two celebrations of great lives here in Eleuthera. The first one was for a wonderful lady called Mary Nally – she has been coming to Eleuthera for many years to visit her great friends Eileen and Ian Gray who live on the up hill in Governors Harbour. They held a party […]