A joyous night for HACE in Eleuthera.

Monday 15th April – the day after the Jazz Festival finished – was a joyous night raising funds for HACE in Eleuthera. It was held at La Bougainvillea and they were fabulous hosts. Plenty of people came and ate as well as those who just came to enjoy the music. Quite a few of the […]

Another great jazz festival in Eleuthera…….

Well – a really great Jazz Festival this year with a couple of new venues and the great regular ones as well…. The weather was perfect – plenty of breeze but not a rain cloud burst upon the proceedings which was lucky for all concerned. The festival opened up at The Other Side on Wednesday. […]

A New Children’s Book Initiative in Eleuthera

I am excited to tell you about a new children’s book initiative right here in Eleuthera. Anything that gets more children reading for fun is a great thing in my book. Regular readers of this blog already know of my passion / obsession with reading and getting young ones into the habit of picking up […]