Anchor Point and Christmas mail in Eleuthera


At last – some lovely pictures of the apartments – well one actually – at Anchor Point and a story of the elusive Christmas mail here in Eleuthera. I have had a lovely time getting the apartments ready at Anchor Point – and we have just done a photo shoot of the first completed one. […]

This week at Governors Estate Eleuthera


This week we have been re-photographing the Yellow House here at Governors Estate. It is quite some time since we took the pictures, so a new set were called for. It is important I think to keep the representations looking up to date. So on Saturday morning – a beautiful sunny day – in the […]

What I’m reading and watching this week in Eleuthera


This week the weather has taken a serious swerve – windy , rainy and cold – well for here anyway – so we have hunkered down and I’m going to tell you about what I have been reading and watching…. There was Junkanoo at the weekend but I was cold, tired and not in the […]