Marching on through May in Eleuthera

So on we go marching through May here in Eleuthera – the mangoes are in season so that is something to be thankful for – always a huge glut then they are gone before you blink ! Personally I like to skin them and chop them up on my morning yogurt and granola – but sometimes nothing beats standing at the kitchen sink eating one with juice streaming down your arms !

These two little morsels – Suki and Chloe – are staying at Governors Estate – this mango hunt is a fun pursuit for them these days !
Yummy ….

I just recently noticed as well that we have a sapodilly tree in the front of Fond Memories – there are lots of fruit on the tree but they are not ripe yet – hopefully not long now until they are….. They are also a lovely fruit – they look a bit like a brown kiwi fruit – but they taste like caramel ……

Frangipani in the garden….

Finally on Sunday we had a full day of rain which we so very desperately needed – we have hardly had any rain for months and since then the grass has begun to turn green and the blossoms are looking good. Of course Sunday was Mother’s Day but passed without any real fanfare this year. Written messages are the order of the day rather than gifts in this state of lockdown. There is a reasonable amount of freedom during the week – as long as you are wearing your mask – but from Friday night at 9pm until Monday at 5am we are all confined to barracks….. Of course I can still thankfully visit my Mum as her house is on the estate here …..

A gloomy rainy Monday this week …. The sun doesn’t quite always shine here !

I been continuing with my fabric dying efforts – 2 sad old orange bed throws now look as good as new – one more orange one to go …… Also plenty of towels to get through – but I am thankful that the new water pumps have arrived so I can start using the washing machine at Fond Memories for the towels.

Lots of rough white caps on French Leave beach

Did I write about wardrobe sorting ? – I think I did – but I don’t think that I mentioned all the alterations I have had done by the very talented Dan on Cupid’s Cay. I have had several pairs of pants shortened – the reality is that my days of wearing heels are sadly pretty much gone – so it is useful especially here not to have trouser hems trailing in the dust ! Big thanks to Dan for all his skilled tailoring …… Just found another pair I might ask you to work on !!!!

I love the grey of this driftwood…..

Lastly I want to tell you about a great new cookbook I have just bought. It is called Simple – by Yotam Ottolenghi. He is an Israeli / English chef and given the number of stickers I have put in the book already we should be enjoying some new tastes. I don’t often use recipes – I just make it up as I go along but I needed some new inspiration as I’m sure plenty of other people do at the moment. The first success was a simple baked potato – a very popular choice for supper at Colman Towers – with insides scooped out and mixed with Gorgonzola cheese, wilted spinach , butter , black pepper and topped with chopped walnuts – baked in a hot oven to toast the walnuts – absolutely scrumptious ! I have ordered some of the special ingredients he uses so hopefully they will come on a shipment soon…..

Looks like a lot of tasty new things to try

Okay – so same message as always – try to keep your spirits up but finding those little everyday things that lift your heart – send kind messages to those you love telling them how much they are cherished – and be kind to yourself on the down days which inevitably are happening to most of us ….

More glorious bougainvillea
Looks a bit like I’m standing on nature’s six pack !

14 thoughts on “Marching on through May in Eleuthera”

  1. Always good to hear what life is like now in Eleuthera.We have a reservation to return June 5 but…We wanted to be there for pineapple season for the 1st time.Hello to Runge( sp) and Ceci! I think Dan used to have a clothing store in Glastonbury Ct where my husband is from originally.Does he do tailoring for anyone or just friends?

    1. Sadly just friends …… so I count myself very lucky….. One of our friends just brought me a fresh pineapple from Gregory Town – and early one. Worth a picture for next week’s blog I think !!

  2. I always look forward to your blog! Hope you and Bob are doing well! B and I look forward to when we can return to Eleuthera.
    Best, Brooks

    1. How great to hear from you – and delighted to hear that you enjoy the blog ! Looking forward to seeing you back here again soon !

  3. Donna Lee Kurkul

    Love your photos of driftwood, flowers and the beach! Also a great potato recipe. I remember the grey towels that you died blue. Does the washing machine get discolored? And what’s the type of dye? Thanks. Mary, your mum gave me my first sapodilly! Yum. Those two toddlers are precious. Must feel good to stand on a six pack, thanks to your yoga balance. 😉
    Stay well…L, Donna

    1. I always buy washing machines with a stainless steel interior – so it doesn’t stain the drum – but of course you have to run a self clean cycle – or the hottest wash possible afterwards. The dye I use is Dylon – bought from Amazon but shipped from the UK I think… Stay well yourselves….

  4. Thank you for your blog!
    I so enjoy keeping up with Eleuthera,my home.
    I so miss the beach and water. Someday I hope to return .

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