Re-openings and new openings and the best birthday treat !

This week you will hear about a reopening and new opening and the best birthday treat I have seen for a long time. The reopening is Sweet and Savory – the great food truck outside Burrows Food Store – owned and operated by Stephanie and Johnathan Mariscal. They opened on Monday – with a new phone number – 242 827 0668. But they now have a much more efficient service –  and quick as well so calling in advance is not necessary now.

I had a marinated tofu sandwich with guacamole and corn – it was absolutely delicious. Bob had a grilled shrimp wrap – also delicious. First you pick whether you want a salad, wrap, sandwich or corn taco. Then pick your protein, then pick your veggies and extras or dressings – plus any sides and it is made right there in front of you. It works a treat let me tell you. Fast and very tasty – and fabulously fresh and healthy. just what we all want in a lunch – right ?

Check out your options right here ….

Staying with the Burrows family, the new opening is of course 4 Your Convenience run by Susan and Teddy Charlow. Julian King did the great mural on the front and it looks really fun and of course is extremely well painted. He tells me that he would like to have an exhibition of his work later in the year. Watch this space of course for news of that. The store will be really useful for renters coming in on the later flights after all the other food stores are closed – not a huge selection – it is a convenience store remember ! – but there will be the basics that stop you gnawing at your suitcase from abject hunger …..

You can’t miss this can you ?
Great mural as well

Now the great birthday treat I wanted to share with you. I have written on a couple of occasions about the lovely Anya Ferguson who lives here in Governors Harbour. She is – amongst other things – the mother to her son Bryson who is as bright as a button and very engaging in his enthusiasm and knowledge about the many things that interest him. One of his particular interests is big trucks – all sorts of big trucks – so she arranged for a collection of big trucks to be outside his school last week on the day he turned 4 years old. Not only that but she provided safety helmets and goggles with Hi Viz bands for all the children at the school. To see them all dressed for the occasion and excited beyond belief was such a joy. They had a wonderful time looking at all the trucks and seeing some of them in action – so heart lifting to see their excitement and innocent happiness at what was being laid on for them – but of course none were quite as delighted and happy as dear Bryson – happiness personified.

Don’t you all wish that you had a mum who did things like this for you ?

Click on this link to watch the best video to make you feel HAPPY !

Bryson – the birthday boy is the one in the Hi Viz vest – so gorgeous you could eat him right ?

I did want to know how she would top that next year if he said he wanted to see inside a nuclear submarine !!!

We are getting on with building the deck area around the new pool at Colman Towers – of course there will be plenty of screening from the road as well and some strategic planting. I am actually looking forward to being able to use the pool myself once all this is done.

Can’t wait to be able to take a quick dip myself – which is a bit of a surprise to me

Dom Cant took some more fabulous pictures of the progress at Sprawling Towers – take a look below.

Oh I love this house !!

The roofing materials should arrive in Governors Harbour next Monday all being well – so making the roof watertight will be the next big step.

Have a good weekend and look for the heart lifting moments that are there if we look for them …..


10 thoughts on “Re-openings and new openings and the best birthday treat !”

  1. Kathy,

    I know you have recommended some great TV shows on your blog in the past. I don’t recall that you have mentioned After Life yet. It is a really well done examination of the various stages of grief that takes place in a small English town. On Netflix.


    Dan Delaney

    1. Oh we have watched all 3 series of After Life – it is absolutely brilliant but has to have the disclaimer that if you are offended by bad language then this is not for you ! It is very clever and very moving as well as making you both laugh and cry. Thanks for this Dan…..

  2. Hey Kathy! Seeing your white vehicle to the left in your house shot speaks to the actual size of your future home. What a conceptualization you’ve both realized. This one should be in Architectural Digest when done! 😉
    Amazing birthday gift….

  3. Oh Kathy!! This is so amazing. Thank you so much for featuring my Big Boy in your blog. It’s always great reading your content.

    Have a great one 🙂

    1. Well it was such an amazing thing that you did – and it was lovely to be able to share it. Well done to you for organizing it so brilliantly x

  4. Kathy,

    What a birthday present Bryson’s Mom constructed! Loved the video, as well. That was impressive! I wonder what she will do for an encore when he turns five?
    Your future home looks so big! Amazing!
    Thank you!

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