Alessandro Sarno – the Lonesome Photographer in The Bahamas

Many of you will already know Alessandro Sarno aka The Lonesome Photographer here in the Bahamas from his beautiful books of pictures. He has published 4 books in total and the latest – White Bull on the Highway – is a photographic travel guide to Eleuthera. There was recently a launch for the book in […]

Latest local news in Eleuthera !

This week I am bringing you the latest local news in Eleuthera – and delighted to do so as well…… The best news we have heard for a long time is that the clinic of Doctor Arlington Lightbourne in Palmetto Point – Eleuthera Medical Center now has a fully operational X Ray machine. This is […]

Halloween and all that in Governors Harbour……

I know that Halloween was a week ago but finally here are the pictures and news on Halloween and all that in Governors Harbour. It has become quite a big ritual and every year – just like Christmas – there is a little more decor at Colman Towers. It is a major spot to visit […]