What’s been happening in Eleuthera !

OK – so what’s been happening in Eleuthera this week ? The answer is not a lot ! I know that you were just thinking – oh great – lots of news on the bustling island – but the truth is as you actually know – that this is a very quiet time here.  So you get to hear about curry night at Colman Towers and what we have been watching courtesy of a very efficient VPN !

As you know I am huge fan of curry – Indian , Thai, Malay , fusion – you name it and I’ll eat it. So as it is quiet here we decided to invite a few friends who also enjoy curry for a night at our house. I spend Friday night cooking a chicken curry – always better the next day – and then Saturday making a cauliflower and potato curry and a mushroom and tomato one. I also made a tasty onion tomato and cilantro salad to eat with the poppadoms we bought the other week in Fort Lauderdale.

Oh I do love a poppadom !
Oh I do love a poppadom !
Especially with a tomato onion and cilantro salad...
Especially with a tomato onion and cilantro salad…

My sister Jane had bought over a good few jars of the different pastes that I use as a base so away I went …..

It was great ! – I have said it before and I’ll say it again – I never understand people who enjoy cooking food but then say – oh I’ve been cooking all day – I don’t fancy it myself ! Ha – not me at all …. I tucked in just as well as everybody else.

Good friends....
Good friends….

Our dining room is a warehouse again right now after the shopping trip to Florida so it was plates of curry lounging on the sofa – informal as it comes !

What - no dining table ?
What – no dining table ?

A great night with good friends and music courtesy of Amazon’s Alexa – I do love being able to say ‘ Alexa – play a Barry White selection, or Abba or anyone else that pops into someone’s head …..

Sandy having a private word with Alexa about the music !!!
Sandy having a private word with Alexa about the music !!!

We have been watching a brilliant BBC TV series called Saving Lives at Sea. It is about the rescues that the Royal National Lifeboat Institution undertake in the seas around the coast of the UK. All of the volunteers wear a head cam – so they are filming what is happening every time they go out – it is riveting and exhausting to watch – but we love it…… They show incredible bravery and there is not a week that goes by when I don’t have to wipe away a few tears.

I also love the Who Do You Think You Are series. Up to now we have watched the British ones – even though after being here for 14 years we don’t actually really know who half the people are – but it a great way to see some well documented history as well as the personal side too. For those of you who don’t know what the heck I’m talking about it is about tracing the family tree of various celebrities. Clearly some are more interesting than others – but it is often good entertainment. Plus I have just discovered a series of Australian ones on Youtube.

Well I told you I was scraping the barrel this week – what we have been eating and watching on TV – is anybody still awake out there ? hello ? anybody there ?????

14 thoughts on “What’s been happening in Eleuthera !”

  1. Hahaha…..we are having a VERY Kathy Colman trip….eating our way from location to location…..I hope PINEAPPLEAIR doesn’t weigh US when we return!!

    1. Bob and Kathy Colman

      Sounds like the perfect trip ! Loved following your escapades on Facebook and looking forward to hearing about the undocumented ones !!

  2. No matter what you write, I love your blogs and I’m always waiting for the next one excitedly. The things that happen on Eleutheta always bring back a little of our holiday for me, one of our best we ever made. We have been on Eleuthera in May, long ago already. But anyway if I close my eyes I still can see the amazing colours of the island.
    Greetings from Germany

    1. Bob and Kathy Colman

      How lovely to hear from you and to know that you are still following what is happening here via the blog ! Kindest regards to you and Thorsten……

    1. Bob and Kathy Colman

      OK – I will get on it – I basically just make it – but I will put a recipe together I promise….. Lovely to hear from you….

  3. Hi Kathy,

    Wonderful blog! Thank God someone shares that beautiful island. I am grateful every read——-and hungry! Man! You guys have it made. Is that dear Hans on the sofa?

    Thank you always.

  4. Yes always love reading your sweet cheerful blogs about life in Eleuthera! We are having an Indian summer in Vermont soon it will be apple picking time then cold snowy winter and I’ll be thinking about beautiful Eleuthera and our visits to your homes

    1. Bob and Kathy Colman

      Thanks Soraya – so pleased you are having good weather up there right now…. Autumn must be beautiful there….


    There once was a girl named Kathy
    Whose curries were rather snappy
    But her guest’s scalded mouth
    Burned a whole in the couch
    And Bob was none too happy

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