Discovering Navy Beach and a trip to the vet


So I am embarrassed to tell you dear readers that after living here for 14 years I have only just finally found my way to Navy Beach – up towards the airport on the Atlantic side. With my sister Jane here I decided that we needed to break the routine and try other beaches rather […]

Cooking parties and the new health clinic progress.


Another mish mash this week – news of progress at the health clinic in Palmetto Point and news of some cooking parties at Colman Towers ! First the cooking parties – always when Jane comes to visit we cook a Sunday roast dinner together.   And so we did last weekend. When the two of […]

A few good memories from Eleuthera


This week it is more of a pictorial blog with a few good memories from right here in Eleuthera.  I was looking back at pictures from the first summer we were here – 2005 – and decided that it would be good to share a few of them with you ! Plus a few new […]