Filling our time on lockdown in Eleuthera

So if you have been wondering how we are filling our time while on lockdown in Eleuthera here is all the latest news !!!! Not very exciting – no sensational memoir writing or navel gazing – nor getting into training for the 2021 Olympics – now that’s something to ponder …. What sport would it […]

Lockdown in Lutra !

Well I must say I didn’t really see the lockdown in Lutra coming ! So we started off with the 9pm – 5am curfew – some businesses closed – but construction was exempt so we kept the big site we were working on open. The office was closed but the workers were on site as […]

Mooching into March in Eleuthera

So here we are mooching into March in Eleuthera – the clocks go forward on Saturday night and the lighter evenings and darker mornings will be with us. Whether you like it or not – and Mary I am thinking of you ! – that is what is happening so we have to just suck […]