Additional Facilities at the Wellness Clinic in Palmetto Point.

Exciting news this week of additional facilities coming to the Wellness Clinic in Palmetto Point. As regular readers know we are big supporters of the Bahamas Wellness Clinic in Palmetto Point run by Dr Arlington Lightbourn, and we have been more than grateful for the fantastic service we have received from them. I had a […]

Sprawling Towers and Bob’s progress.

Not too much to tell you this week – but news of Sprawling Towers and Bob’s progress post operatively. First Sprawling Towers – the roof joists are pretty much all in place now. It is going to be a flat roof – well apart from a small angle on it so that we collect all […]

A Trip with Fishbone Tours and other news

So last week we took a short and sedate trip with Fishbone Tours – with Sami and Billy of course. Bob has been out with Julius Rankine of Fishbone Tours before – but none of the rest of us had so we decided to have a little fun on a Friday morning and see the […]