What’s happening in Governors Harbour – end of the season…..

Last lunch before Jane left....

Now it is nearing the end of the season here in Governors Harbour, this week I am giving a quick roundup of what’s happening. Well the weather is still very hot and we are all hoping that a lot of rain may come our way but we will see. There are still visitors here on […]

Eleuthera All That Jazz 2016 all over Eleuthera

In the Best of Eleuthera series I want to highlight the upcoming festival of Eleuthera All That Jazz 2016 – happening all over Eleuthera from March 30th – April 3rd. As many of you are aware this raises much needed funds for the Haynes Library – last year over $40,000- a fabulous effort. The festival […]

Celebrating in style at Governors Estate Eleuthera

16 of the 18 guests - the birthday girl Celine and her husband Jerry - organizer supremo - are 9th and 10th from the left.....

This week I am sharing with you a great group of people who really showed how to celebrate in style at Governors Estate Eleuthera. They were here to celebrate the fiftieth birthday of one of them. They were such a great example of how you can plan a really great trip…… So 4 of the […]