Celebrating with the Goslings ……


Last week I told you we were hosting a party to celebrate with the Goslings who are leaving the island – this week we have the results of that party ….. What a lovely evening. It was very well attended by lots of people who wanted to show their appreciation. Jay and Lionel Fernander of […]

A new website and a party in Eleuthera


This week we have finally launched our new website – yippee ! – and we are hosting a party here in Governors Harbour at Sunset Inn for Chris and Alison Gosling. Chris and Alison have been in Eleuthera for over 30 years – they came as teachers at the Central Eleuthera High School. But they […]

What’s been happening in Eleuthera !

Especially with a tomato onion and cilantro salad...

OK – so what’s been happening in Eleuthera this week ? The answer is not a lot ! I know that you were just thinking – oh great – lots of news on the bustling island – but the truth is as you actually know – that this is a very quiet time here.  So […]