Educators for Eleuthera Camp Review

This week I am handing the blog over to Dr Claire Verden who has written a great review of the camp that has been held here….. What a wonderful almost, more on that later, four weeks it has been! Over the course of the last four weeks we have seen over one hundred different children […]

Need something from Nassau ? – here is your service .

Do you need something from Nassau but don’t want to make a trip ? – well here is the service you have been waiting for. There is a really good service called My Personal Messenger which will offers all sorts of ways of getting what you want to you here in Eleuthera. It is run […]

A Pictorial Blog This Week and Rudge’s Birthday

This week I am giving you a pictorial blog. Dr Claire Verden has taken such great pictures of the children at the Educators for Eleuthera Summer Camp that I wanted to share with you. And it was Rudge’s birthday on July 14th – as well of course as his brother Rufus – so a few […]