Nurses Appreciation Month in Eleuthera

Did you know that May is Nurses Appreciation Month not only here in Eleuthera but around the world as well ? Well it is – extended from the usual week to a month because of the immense challenges that the medical service have faced during the COVID pandemic. I was invited along to a service […]

All the latest news in May here in Governors Harbour.

Yes – this week all the latest news right here in May in Governors Harbour. None of it is earth shattering I might add – but I know from your comments dear readers that you do like to hear what is happening. First and foremost the government has lifted the 10pm – 5 am curfew […]

Melting in May here in Eleuthera

Yes – it’s that time of year again when the temperature notches up a good few degrees and we are all melting in May ! Of course we have a fabulous climate year round and sometimes it is hard to notice the weather changing – obviously we do have seasons of sorts but nothing like […]