Thanksgiving 2020 in Eleuthera

So this week it is Thanksgiving – let’s talk about Thanksgiving 2020 in Eleuthera. Many people will be scoffing at the idea of giving thanks this year – but because it has been such a difficult year it is actually even more important than ever to really give some thought to what we can be […]

Living with uncertainty in Eleuthera…..

Well we are definitely living with uncertainty in Eleuthera – just the same as the rest of the world right now. So finding ways of staying grounded during these times and not succumbing to fear, anger and panic at all that is unfolding around us takes a conscious effort. At the moment we are looking […]

Great New Beach Gear and what fresh hell is this !!

I want to show you a great new source for beach gear and then ask what fresh hell is this ! I was gifted a really fabulous big beach tote this week and the source is from a lovely Bahamian lady – Dawnita Fry – living in Florida and using her art work for the […]