Latest local news in Eleuthera !

This week I am bringing you the latest local news in Eleuthera – and delighted to do so as well…… The best news we have heard for a long time is that the clinic of Doctor Arlington Lightbourne in Palmetto Point – Eleuthera Medical Center now has a fully operational X Ray machine. This is […]

Halloween and all that in Governors Harbour……

I know that Halloween was a week ago but finally here are the pictures and news on Halloween and all that in Governors Harbour. It has become quite a big ritual and every year – just like Christmas – there is a little more decor at Colman Towers. It is a major spot to visit […]

The best laid plans in Governors Harbour

This week I take a look at what happens when the best laid plans go awry in Governors Harbour….. I have written before about the amazing Mish and Zev Waserman of Boy Meets Girl Weddings and the fabulous events they plan and pull off – well this week’s blog is a tribute and fan letter […]