A Very Happy Christmas to you all from Governors Harbour !

This week I decided that I would publish a day early – on Christmas Day itself so I can wish you all a very Happy Christmas from Governors Harbour! As always we are at home celebrating Christmas with friends and my Mum – eating way too much but loving it all and thanking heaven for […]

What a great party in Governors Harbour !

OK folks – so I need to tell you what a great party we had last weekend in Governors Harbour….. It was just fabulous – everything we hoped it would be and more ! For those of you who have not been reading this blog regularly you need to know that it was our 25th […]

Party season in Governors Harbour

As in many places – now is the party season here in Governors Harbour Eleuthera – and don’t they all come at once ! We had a small party – 3 of us in fact at the secret location of El Bar – the most exclusive private club around ! You can guarantee good conversation […]