Changes at Governors Estate and other news

And so dear readers this week I bring you news of changes at Governors Estate as well as other news. Bob and I decided during lockdown earlier in the year that we both would like a less stressful life than we have been living. A taste of a more relaxed way of being – even […]

`Changes happening to quarantine in Eleuthera

This week we have ongoing changes to quarantine restrictions here in Eleuthera. Come November 1st visitors will no longer be required to quarantine on arrival. Simply get your Covid-19 negative PCR test within 7 days of travelling, and complete your Bahamas Health Travel Visa at (click on the International Tab) where the required test […]

Bob’s Birthday and opening the Shady Pineapple in Governors Harbour

This week I am happy to tell you about celebrating Bob’s birthday and also the exciting new opening of The Shady Pineapple here in Governors Harbour. Bob’s birthday was on the 29th September but we actually had a little celebratory party the Saturday before. Angelika and Sandy from Bacchus Fine Foods had a wonderful curry […]