Into the world of hybrid cars in Eleuthera

So this week I have ventured into the world of hybrid cars here in Eleuthera. I bought a secondhand hybrid car from the UK – because I wanted a right hand drive – and also because we had a good family connection to ensure a sensible and reliable buy. I actually bought the car at […]

Let’s talk trees this week….

Let’s talk trees this week as I am getting excited about what we will plant at Sprawling Towers. We are working on getting the land cleared – hand cleared in a lot of the 2 acres – in order to get started on the new house. All that has been uncovered are pigeon plum and […]

January 2021 in Eleuthera

So here we are – it’s January 2021 in Eleuthera – well everywhere else for that matter – and we start the trek of another year ….. Thankfully today I am feeling like I am over the worst of the shingles I came down with. There is nothing like feeling ill to really make you […]