Two celebrations of great lives in Eleuthera


This week we had two celebrations of great lives here in Eleuthera. The first one was for a wonderful lady called Mary Nally – she has been coming to Eleuthera for many years to visit her great friends Eileen and Ian Gray who live on the up hill in Governors Harbour. They held a party […]

A great party and more tales from Governors Harbour.


So this week there is lots to tell you about a great party in Governors Harbour, a car upside down in the harbour, news on Jack’s Bay and a brilliant craft company in Kenya ! First the party – it was Angelika Bacchus’s 50th and boy does she know how to throw a party ! […]

Culture vultures in London……


Well although we are back home now in Eleuthera – a few tales of culture vultures in London.  I   had never visited Westminster Abbey in my life – so I had decided when we were planning our last minute trip that a tour of the Abbey would be top of the list of cultural pursuits […]