One year on from the start of the pandemic in Eleuthera

So here we are – one year on plus a week or two from the start of the pandemic here in Eleuthera and how much has changed for us personally during that time. Of course the biggest change has been selling the 4 rental houses and the easing of a lot of stress for me […]

News from Educators For Eleuthera

This week I am bringing you news from Educators For Eleuthera about a free summer camp to be held for the children of Eleuthera. I am going to post here the details written by Dr Claire Verden herself about the history and the future of the summer camps as she has expressed so clearly and […]

The Colmans get jabbed !

News this week that the Colmans got jabbed in Eleuthera. Yes – we have the Covid vaccine here – thanks to the government of India who donated a lot of vaccines to the countries of the Caribbean – and so we have had our first part of the Astra-Zeneca vaccine. We heard last Sunday that […]