It’s very nice to go traveling but it’s so much nicer to come home !

Well it is very nice to go traveling – and thank you Frank for the inspiration – but it is so much nicer to come home ! Actually we do love traveling – but we do love the coming home part as well ….. So 2 hours back at home as I sit and write […]

Travels with Kathy and Bob part 1

This week we have part 1 of travels with Kathy and Bob – London and Whitstable – Kent – the quintessential English seaside spot. Then on to a quick tour of Canterbury Cathedral with so much eating crammed in you will be shocked – well maybe not anymore ! We flew to London from Nassau […]

Feeling gratitude in Governors Harbour

This week I am feeling a real sense of gratitude here at home in Governors Harbour. There was a lovely evening at La Bougainvillea last Thursday where a fundraiser was held in aid of the victims of Hurricane Dorian here in the Bahamas. Many of you will have seen the continuing pictures of the catastrophic […]