Finding the joy and feeling the sorrow…..

This past couple of weeks has been an exercise in finding the joy in everyday life as well as feeling the sorrow. My nephew – Craig – my elder sister Anne’s son – died very suddenly from cardiac arrest at the age of 47. It shocking and brutal – devastating for my sister and his […]

Keeping fit and healthy in Eleuthera

Keeping fit and healthy in Eleuthera is not as easy as it is in many places. There are no gyms to speak of here so it takes a bit of detective work to find good ways of staying fit. Bob has found a great personal trainer that he works out with twice a week. Remorn […]

Fort Lauderdale and all that.

Fort Lauderdale and all that got off to a pretty dodgy start with our flight out of Governors Harbour. I don’t like to write anything that is very negative but I’m afraid that the situation was handled so badly I do want to make people aware of how difficult flights can be here. We were […]