A party at Sprawling Towers

News this week of a party we held at Sprawling Towers this last Sunday. We had a multiple celebration – for my 70th which was back in August, for Bob’s 80th which was at the end of September, for our 29th wedding anniversary which is on December 14th – the day many of you will be reading this , plus a housewarming and house goodbye party and Christmas of course !

How good does that look …

Plenty to celebrate.  I think that I told you that I had managed to snag the wonderful Bhutanese group who will be running Potlatch Club to organize and do the catering for the party. And they were sensational….. We had agreed on a menu that was largely finger food – they did the shopping and took care of every detail possible. We already had a large amount of spirits on the grog tray and Gymbo just gave me a list of juices plus some red and white wine to stock up on.

And another jug of mojitos !

In the event Gymbo decided to make a jug of mojitos in case people would like to start with a cocktail – well let me tell you this was the way to make the party go with a swing ! I had a sip of one that Bob was sampling and it was delicious. Everyone seemed to love them and he made jug after jug of them ….. I was told that they were particularly good – instead of white rum he used Havana Club which may have been the secret to his astonishing success……

Martin and Marcie gave us a speedboat with champagne in it !

The food both looked really good as well as tasting good and there was plenty of it. Some sushi, a tasty beetroot hummus dip , beef skewers, tempura shrimp, fish goujons, curried chicken wraps, fresh fruit, cookies and homemade mince pies – let’s just say there was an abundance of everything we wanted and more …..

Help yourselves….

The party started at 12.30 – lunch time affairs are much more up our street than evening dos – and it seemed to suit everyone – all that said I was still exhausted by the end of it all – but Choki, Tsering and Gymbo did all the cleaning up and clearing away and pretty much left the place looking just as it was before. I have written before about the kind, caring and calm nature that they all have – no frayed tempers or irritation in sight – all in all an absolute joy.

What a team, Gymbo, Tsering and Choki

Now you may notice from the pictures that I wore some new sequin pants for the party – sequins at 70 don’t you know. They were not a costly purchase at all and I decided that it was a good excuse to have a bit of fun. I wore them with just a T shirt and tennis shoes so in that way not too much over the top. Despite having given then a few really good shakes I did leave a bit of a trail of the tiny sequins everywhere I went but what the heck. The funniest thing was Brian, our cat , coming into the house later with a sequin on her back that she must have laid on in the screened veranda.

never seen this chap before in my life !! Sorry Dan !
All these brilliant photos taken by Miranda Andrews who always gets the best shots….
Lovely shot with Alex and Eileen Gray

Well lots of pictures this week and of a happy time as well…

Last news is that Bacchuss Fine Foods is open now – Wednesday or yesterday was the big day and here is a picture of Angelika, Sandy and Michele at the party looking gorgeous !

10 thoughts on “A party at Sprawling Towers”

  1. Oh my! After reading last week’s blog with the largess of snow crab, lobster and champagne, this gathering was one l wish we’d been there to partake in! The best of the best, company and food. Vicariously enjoyed nonetheless.

  2. We love you Kathy and Bob. Congratulations !!
    We can’t wait to see you again hopefully soon. What a wonderful celebration and the spread looks amazing❤️
    Great times

    Joe and Lori Calleo

  3. My! Oh My! A good time was had by all! How I wish I had been there.! Looked fabulous! Great photos. Living vicariously. I take it that you have sold Sprawling Towers?
    Potlatch will now be a very posh resort. So sorry that I will not be there for the Opening!
    Happy Holidays to you two guys!

    1. kathy@kathycolman.com

      No we have only just put the house on the market so it has definitely not sold yet…. Happy Holidays to you too……

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Bob.
    Bob and Kathy, a very Happy Happy 29 th Wedding Anniversary, and not a 29th anniversary of a Divorce‍♂️‍♂️.
    With Love, Frank

  5. Such beautiful photos and we love the one of the 2 of you! You can feel the joy in these happy pictures. We miss you and Bob. Dave some fun for us! Xoxox Brooke and Will

    1. kathy@kathycolman.com

      How lovely to hear from you Brooke – have a lovely time over the holidays and hopefully will see you in March when John and Judy are here xx

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