Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas

Yes dear readers – Bob and I want to wish you all a very Happy Christmas – or Happy Holidays if you prefer. As I always say every year – this is not always a joyful time for many people for a multitude of different reasons. Loneliness, all kinds of health issues, financial issues , missing a loved one, being in a difficult relationship – the list goes on and on. So I ask you all to be aware that not everyone is experiencing a wonderful time right now. Be aware and mindful and kind wherever you can be – even the smallest gestures and kind words can make a big difference.

This was taken when we were in Houston in November – but very Christmassy !

Here in Eleuthera the holidays are definitely not as frantic as they are in many other places – the pressure to consume is much more limited here thank goodness.

A rough sea in Double Bay

The weather has been very strange here  – for around 10 days we had overcast and breezy cool weather – but at the end of last week it went crazy. The winds were so high that flights got cancelled, the Glass Window Bridge was closed and the rain came as well. The boats from Florida were delayed – the Seacor boat which should have arrived on Friday finally arrived on Tuesday night. This was annoying for people who were expecting their shipments to arrive – but spare a thought for the Market Place in Rock Sound with empty shelves and nothing to fill them with. It has thrown the schedule completely out for the boats so that the next boat from Florida which was due this Friday afternoon will not be in until Saturday night – will Customs open on Sunday for people to collect their shipments – who knows ?

Very ominous clouds over French Leave Beach….
This was not on the same day – it was cold but dry when I set out to walk Rudge on the beach – but a different story walking back ! Then rain was dripping off my fleece when I got home. This is just to let you know that sometimes the weather is not always perfect here

So all in all a bit chaotic. We all like to think that we are in control of what is happening – but the weather is another story – no chance of any control there ….

Friday night last week was dinner at Dan and Larry’s on Cupid’s Cay. It was a really lovely evening with Molly and Polly and Dan’s sister Kathy and her husband Ramie. The conversation was easy and fun, the drinks and the food delicious as always – lobster pasta and a lovely desert which sadly I cannot remember – but I’m sure Dan can fill us all in on that ! A good time with good friends and good food – that is one of the joys in life for us and I hope it is for you too in this festive season……

I took this picture in Buc-ees in Austin Texas in November – the most amazing selection of Christmas stuff ever – and it is a gas station but huge !!!!

And so dear friends once again we wish you a very Happy Christmas , keep calm and enjoy the little things. It will never be perfect but it will be wonderful if we are all good to each other – with love from Kathy and Bob xxxxx

We carried this fancy candle back from London a few years ago – the wicks burned out so I put tea lights in their place. So like a fancy cake !!


14 thoughts on “Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas”

  1. wishing you and Bobby a glorious holiday. am taking Miranda to London where she’s never been! she wants to return home with an accent.

    1. kathy@kathycolman.com

      Have a wonderful time in London – try breakfast at Cl;aridges and definitely fish and chips just about anywhere ! Safe travels xx

  2. Blueberry Buckle! And you’re welcome….very fun evening!
    Merry Xmas to all…..Dan and Larry , Rufus and XENA….and Walter!

  3. Merry Xmas and a Healthy Happy New Year to you both.
    We can’t wait to get back on island in May.

    Warmest Regards,

    Susan, Judy and Joe from LI NY

  4. You guys were in our “neck of the woods”! Buc-ee’s is a road trip staple here in Texas. Hope you and your family are well, Merry Christmas!

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