Summer’s here in Eleuthera.

Yes – summer is really here in Eleuthera. After a cool and wet May the temperatures are soaring now on the island. Every morning we all look in our wardrobes to see what we can wear that will not show the sweat – the answer – everything is going to show the sweat ! And […]

Two new kitchens and a Royal Wedding !

Well this week we have been working like billy-o to install 2 new kitchens and watch the royal wedding ! Busy times at the top of the hill in Governors Harbour. The kitchen in the downstairs apartment at the Peach House was looking a little shabby – it has been in for 13 years now […]

What’s happening at Governor’s Estate and a good read !

This week I’m going to tell you what is happening at Governors Estate and also to to recommend to you a couple of great books for a good summer read. But first I want to say a big thank you to everyone who made such kind comments after last week’s blog – they were so […]