A great party and more tales from Governors Harbour.

So this week there is lots to tell you about a great party in Governors Harbour, a car upside down in the harbour, news on Jack’s Bay and a brilliant craft company in Kenya ! First the party – it was Angelika Bacchus’s 50th and boy does she know how to throw a party ! […]

Discovering Navy Beach and a trip to the vet

So I am embarrassed to tell you dear readers that after living here for 14 years I have only just finally found my way to Navy Beach – up towards the airport on the Atlantic side. With my sister Jane here I decided that we needed to break the routine and try other beaches rather […]

Dis and Dat from Governors Harbour Eleuthera

This week – just dis and dat from here in Governors Harbour Eleuthera ! Not too much happening here apart from the usual glorious weather and warm seas to wallow about in …. The beaches are so beautiful at this time of year and I relish just having to take Rudge for his exercise and […]