Easter update and plenty of eating in Eleuthera !

Hello dear readers – this week an Easter update and plenty of eating in Eleuthera…..

As you may know we have had Bob’s daughter Sami and her husband Billy here for 10 days – over from London – and we have had a wonderful time with them. Much of it was spent sitting together , chatting, catching up and just enjoying each other’s company. They went their own way during the day – visiting various beaches and swimming in the ocean. Then we would all meet up later and either eat at home or go out to eat – which of course I am going to tell you about – surprise surprise !!

We had a great lunch at Bacchus Fine Foods with good friends Judy and John Nussbaumer. They stayed with us in various rental properties that we used to have over the years – most notably for several months when we were in lockdown and they did not want to venture back to the US.  It was a great time to catch up and hear about families growing up and all the rest of it. These are the joys in life – friendships made and valued as the years go by……

This picture is taken at BFF but it not with Judy and John – it is with Carol and Keith on a different occasion

The four of us went up to the Cove for a Sunday lunch which was really good. The restaurant was pretty much ours – a lot of guests had left the day before and so we relished the peace and quiet of the place. It is beautifully decorated and the restaurant has a very peaceful ambience – plus the food was very good. We shared a plate of sushi as an appetizer and then Sami and  I enjoyed a grilled chicken sandwich which was very tasty. Bob had a pizza which he thoroughly enjoyed and all was well with the world. We met the new manager who was charming and told us of the plans for more development over the summer months. They will close in July and then reopen in November with a second restaurant as well as some more rooms. That is great news …….

Sushi at the Cove
Chicken burger – beautifully presented
and Bob’s pizza

Sunset Inn was another good night out followed with a drink in The Helm. The food at Sunset is always freshly cooked to order and as always Miss Jay’s fries prove themselves to be the best on the island.

I had lobster fettuccine – lobster season closed on March 31st until August 1st

The night before Sami and Billy left we went to have a meal at 1648 and although we booked an early table at 6.30 the place was absolutely packed out. We had booked a table inside as once the sun has set the bugs are awful – plus there was live music and it is always too loud for our tender ears !!!!  However the service was fantastic – we didn’t have to wait too long – and the food was absolutely delicious. Sami and Billy both enjoyed pizzas – Bob had the surf and turf burger and I had roast chicken – all really good. It is a pleasure to see how well 1648 is functioning – staff are efficient and obviously coping well with the busy restaurant and the kitchen is turning out some very tasty food.

From what I hear the usual Easter Monday picnics at Receivers Beach went well – and of course traditionally this is when Bahamians will venture into the sea. Well they are ahead of me this year as I still haven’t been in the water yet. My excuse is that the waters have been pretty rough most of this year on the Atlantic side and the calm days have caught me out as I wasn’t wearing swim gear – we that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it….

The island has been extremely busy with visitors – both regulars as well as people who are new to Eleuthera. It is so good to see all these people and hear from business owners what a great season they are having.

Posing at Sunset Inn !

The Jazz Festival is this coming weekend – Friday Night Fish Fry will have a free taste of the musicians – and then there is a concert at Potlatch Club on Saturday Night. Tickets are $100 – available at The Buccaneer – it starts at 8pm. We are very excited as we are going for an early dinner on what I think will be the inaugural night of the restaurant there – of course I will tell you all about in next week.

So that’s it for this week – I hope that you all enjoyed the holiday weekend and have a good weekend this week. Take care and make the most of those good times with family and friends…..

Now you know why it’s called Sunset Inn



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  1. Same here. Didn’t get notices for this or last blog published. I had to look it up online. Thanks.And the Educators info is SO vital…Wonderful to be with family..

  2. kathy@kathycolman.com

    My blog guru is looking into this – so sorry …. But you can just go to bestofeleuthera.com and access it that way. It is very annoying and I hope that we can get this glitch sorted out…..

  3. Did you go to the Jazz Festival at Potlatch? Just love all the news and photos. Hope we work out the glitch!

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