Trying to get sorted out with the blog !

Hello dear readers – still trying to get sorted out with the blog.  I am aware that many of you who are subscribers have not been receiving the blog and we are working to try and get this fixed. So please excuse me if I repeat what I posted last week about the two abandoned puppies that Dan and Larry on Cupid’s Cay are trying to find homes for…..

They are very sweet and of course need permanent homes – please see if there is anything you can do to try and help with this situation…..

Just too sweet for words

Great news that The Potlatch Club has started serving lunch now. As with dinner you do need to make reservations  – here is a number to call – Tel: +1 242 699 7001

We went for lunch on Sunday with friends Carol and Keith and it was really good. I had the Lentil and Mushroom Smashed Burger with fries, so did Keith, Bob had the Wagyu burger with sweet potato fries and Carol was the healthy one having the Caesar Salad with shrimp.  I didn’t take a single picture – sometimes it is just about being in the moment and not worrying about recording everything – right ?

So what would you pick ?

On Tuesday this week I met two lovely blog followers at the Island Farm while I was picking up my bread. They own a property here on island at Buttonwood and come from Canada . It was such a pleasure to be able to chat with them and talk about this and that – I was delighted that they introduced themselves to me. Hearing how people enjoy what I write is still a delight and a surprise ! And ten years on it is amazing to me that I can still churn out a few hundred words about very little every week.

By the way the Island Farm continues to go from strength to strength – the range that they have now is really impressive so do make sure that you stop by and see what you can find. Or sit down and enjoy a coffee there and something you pick up from the great available selection.

This is the tomato plant outside the door to the slut’s kitchen – it is a triffid !! I am telling you it is growing in no soil at all – just rock and quarry – and the tomatoes are so sweet and delicious and they just keep on coming !

Well the weather is warming up – it has been unusually cool and breezy since the start of the year – I have only just started wearing a swimsuit to walk on the beach and I am sad to admit that I haven’t been in the sea at all this year ! I’m sure that will change once Jane is here – if nothing else she will shame me into taking a dip ! Rudge is back to having a run and a play on French Leave Beach although I put him on the lead once he has had some fun with Rufus and Xena…..

Well that’s all for this week, take care and see you all next week.

Just one last tug at your heartstrings….. Please leave a comment if you feel that you can find them a home…..

Here is a link to last week’s blog if you didn’t receive it…..

8 thoughts on “Trying to get sorted out with the blog !”

  1. Love seeing your photos and thoughts, Kathy.
    What adorable pups!! wish I had room for 2 more….but, alas…

  2. Thanks, Kathy. Do love your blog. Wish I could move there. Glad to hear Potlatch is serving lunch. I’m fond of co-owner Hand Febles. When I needed a comp place to stay while travel writing for Fodor’s he was very kind and let me stay in his beachfront villa on Great Harbour Cay. And, he gave me a great tour of the cay. Moreover, one of the buildings in the Potlatch community, I think Hans’ own home, was designed by the renowned architect Ray Nathaniels, my next door neighbours in Cable Beach when I was young. His three (beautiful!) daughters remain among my closest friends. I will use your blog to help spread the word.

  3. Michelle Whiting

    Confirming that I am once again receiving your post. We will be back this summer, once again staying at the Beach house!

  4. camilla p. ross

    Kathy, My Inbox is twofold . I found your email in another site. It is hard to explain; but, the blog is not in my inbox. I have to search for it. I know you are trying.

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