Looking back from Governors Estate Eleuthera 2014

So here we are in 2015 already – time for looking back from Governors Estate Eleuthera over 2014.

In December it was 10 years since we moved to live here in Eleuthera permanently and this month it is 11 years since we first visited the island. In many ways it seems like a hundred years since we lived in the UK which is where we moved here from.

Beautiful date palms in place at Buena Vista
Beautiful date palms in place at Buena Vista

People often ask me what I miss from our life back in England and the only things I really miss are my sisters and my friends – plus a well stocked magazine stand ! – oh and maybe fish and chips and a good Indian meal !!

Colman's at Dishoom London
Colman’s at Dishoom London about to enjoy a delicious Indian meal…..

When we moved here ten years ago we had no idea that we would end with a vacation rental business but as John Lennon so famously said ‘ Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans ‘ and so we find ourselves with a lovely business meeting lots of interesting people and being a part of them having a good time….

I started this blog and the website in May and have written 32 weekly blog posts plus a few short additional ones – this amazes me as I never believed I could write on a consistent basis ! The idea was that we would provide information about our houses and the island to partly help people planning their trip and also to keep a contact with the island once their vacation was over.

Chef Peter Hamm with me...
Chef Peter Hamm with me at 1648 Bar and Grille French Leave

The Best of Eleuthera series has been popular with reviews of Tippy’s, The Beach House, The Cove, Pascals at Sky Beach and 1648 at French Leave Resort – maybe illustrating my love of food – as did the couple of posts that I did in September with news of the traveling that we did to London, Marseilles and Provence.

Coconut shrimp at Pascal's
Coconut shrimp at Pascal’s at Sky Beach

The post about Joy Pyfrom and her recollections of life on the island was very popular as was the one about the Leon Levy Preserve and the one about The Haynes Library…….

The staff at Haynes Library
The staff at Haynes Library

I realize that I have also learned a lot more about this lovely island which has been a real bonus.

French Leave Beach
Middle access to French Leave Beach


Finally I say a big thank you to all of you who have let me know that you enjoy reading the blog and made me realize that you are out there and I am not just writing for the sake of it.

Colmans and Ollers in Provence
Colmans and Ollers in Provence

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy New Year for 2015 and hopefully we will see many of you on the island in the coming months…….

Getting ready to dig in !
Getting ready to dig in !


10 thoughts on “Looking back from Governors Estate Eleuthera 2014”

  1. eric and I love reading your facebook post. We are sitting here drinking coffee and it is only 7 degrees at home today. Enjoy your lovely day. Alison Church

  2. Suzanne Clune -Taylor

    I have enjoyed reading your blogs and the photos that are attached. I live in chilly Toronto Canada.

    My husband was born in Rock Sound Eleuthera I am born Canadian. . We are now retired at this point in our lives and have traveled to Eleuthera the past few winters to escape the snow and cold and visit relatives.

    Due to medical issue we can only stay for two weeks as my husband cannot get any medical insurance. He has diabetes and high blood pressure something that is very common in the Bahamian population.

    We visited the Doctors office in Rock Sound with my husbands brother who suffers from the same health issues.
    I was shocked at the lack of resources the poor Doctor was to work with to serve the population.

    In Canada we have excellent medical care paid for through out taxes. Similar to National Health you are familiar with in England.

    Cathy you have done some wonderful work on the island, Your homes are beautiful. Your talents are many.

    It is on my bucket list to stay at one of your properties during one of our vacation breaks.

    Your attention to detail colour schemes and furniture choices are a pleasure to enjoy like looking through a decorators magazine.

    Your blessed to be able to enjoy Eleuthera as well as make so many positive contributions to the island.

    Love reading and looking forward to seeing your blog arrive in my in box each month

    Keep up the great work , Congratulation.

    1. Bob and Kathy Colman

      Thank you so much for all the nice things you say ! You are right about health care here – but we just think very positively !! look forward to you staying with us…..

  3. What an enjoyable reminiscence – hope you’re not leaving! I know dining on Eleuthera can get boring – next time we’re on island you must come to our house for dinner. Nothing gourmet, but at least different:)


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