Need something from Nassau ? – here is your service .

Do you need something from Nassau but don’t want to make a trip ? – well here is the service you have been waiting for. There is a really good service called My Personal Messenger which will offers all sorts of ways of getting what you want to you here in Eleuthera. It is run […]

A Pictorial Blog This Week and Rudge’s Birthday

This week I am giving you a pictorial blog. Dr Claire Verden has taken such great pictures of the children at the Educators for Eleuthera Summer Camp that I wanted to share with you. And it was Rudge’s birthday on July 14th – as well of course as his brother Rufus – so a few […]

Educators For Eleuthera are here for Summer Camp and look out for CoCoJo’s

I am very happy to tell you that the Educators for Eleuthera are here and their Summer Camp is underway at the Emily Petty Primary School here in Governors Harbour. This is the first week for the camp but even within the first couple of days it became very apparent that the children are in […]