Opening up and good deeds in Eleuthera this week.

So news this week of good deeds in Eleuthera and a little more opening up – namely Sweet and Savory our favorite food truck ! I saw David Barlyn the other day who told me that at Tippy’s they now have cooked and delivered just over 2,500 meals in central Eleuthera since the start of […]

Marching on through May in Eleuthera

So on we go marching through May here in Eleuthera – the mangoes are in season so that is something to be thankful for – always a huge glut then they are gone before you blink ! Personally I like to skin them and chop them up on my morning yogurt and granola – but […]

Things are loosening up a little in Eleuthera…..

This week I am happy to tell you that things are loosening up a little in Eleuthera now ! Well the liquor stores are open is what I really mean …. There have been 89 confirmed cases of Covid 19 in the Bahamas – 11 deaths – 26 recovered – so numbers are still pretty […]