Our new potcake love story in Eleuthera

So we found our new potcake love story right here in Eleuthera…. Well more accurately in Tarpum Bay …. As I said in last week’s blog we were starting to look for a new puppy. It is six months now since our very special potcake Joe Loius died and although he will be impossible to replace,  for both Bob and I, a house is not really a home without a dog, so the search began. After a couple of false starts we heard about a litter of puppies in Tarpum Bay so one evening this week we drove down and found them. They were a litter of 8 puppies – but I was adamant that we only wanted to have ONE !

Mustn't squeeze him too hard !!!!
Mustn’t squeeze him too hard !!!! I love that Jane is crouched down in the corner not knowing whether to take another picture or play with the puppies !

They were black – which as I was pleased about as we didn’t want a pup that could be compared to dear JL. At the moment they are only three and a half weeks old so of course way to young to bring home yet. Any time after 7 weeks is when we can get him – I am so excited to find that there is always room in your heart for a new one to love……

Good to see the puppies being played with and handled at a young age
Good to see the puppies being played with and handled at a young age

We have a name for him as well – Rudge – after a character in a favorite film of mine called The History Boys. The film is about a group of young men all studying to get in to either Oxford or Cambridge University – obviously set in the UK and written by the brilliant playwright Alan Bennett. He writes with the most wonderful humor and observation and I have been a big fan of his different works for a long time. If you get the chance to see the movie then do – Rudge comes out with one of my all time favorite lines – he is asked in a mock interview to define what history is – and even now after watching it umpteen times it still makes me laugh out loud. But I’m not going to tell you what he says – you have to find out for yourselves !!!!  Suffice to say that it is blunt and to the point !

Sweet eh !
Sweet eh !

On the subject of favorite films – and books for that matter – we have just watched a really lovely and loving documentary about a New York photographer called Bill Cunningham. He had a fashion column in the new York Times and was a well loved and respected man in the fashion field – not something that happens that often. He documented street fashion and trends – unusually for these days he ignored celebrity – do catch it if you can. It is called Bill Cunningham New York. He died on June 25th this year aged 87 and it was as a result of reading his obituary that I found the movie….. Highly recommended.

Joe Louis when we first got him !
Joe Louis when we first got him !

I have also just read 2 books by the same author that some of you may be interested in. Loving Frank by Nancy Horan and Under The Wide and Starry Sky. They are both fiction – but based on the true stories of women who had relationships with Frank Lloyd Wright – the architect in Loving Frank, and Robert Louis Stephenson, the writer, in Under The Wide and Starry Sky. Thanks to Mona for recommending Loving Frank to me !

Hey - Rudge !
Hey – Rudge !



13 thoughts on “Our new potcake love story in Eleuthera

  1. OMG! Tooooo cute. We totally agree, there’s nothing like a new puppy to fill your heart with joy. Regards from Long Island.

    1. Thanks so much – yes I could eat puppy pie !!! It is amazing the response when it is about dogs – so pleased so many of us are united in our love of them !

  2. Love the white markings…like a tuxedo cat.
    You are fortunate to get a black potcake. I bet you’ll be getting a fluorescent collar for nights. Can’t wait to make its acquaintance.

    Re: Bob Cunningham
    I was an NYT fan of his forever. In fact, I saved the tribute edition to him and his camera eye. He is irreplaceable (like JL) and the new column lacks his panache, not to mention his generous collage of photos!
    L, Donna & Stuart

    1. I will lend you the DVD to watch when you come over here…… So pleased that you are getting these comments through now !

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