News of the Buccaneer Scholarship Fund in Eleuthera

This week I am very happy to bring you news of the Buccaneer Scholarship Fund – right here in Eleuthera. This is the brainchild of Michele Johnson and her daughter Yasmin Johnson. They are both very aware of the need for financial assistance as well as the know how of how to get a place […]

England in the spring – food for the soul…..

So many of you readers will know that I have been in England for the funeral of my young nephew – Craig Billingham. It was a sad affair of course – but very touching to see and hear what a well loved person he was. The cycling club he belonged to walked in front of […]

The Wonderful People you meet in Eleuthera

We get to meet some wonderful people here in Eleuthera – and this week I am writing about one special person – the chocolatier Oliver Kita. We first met Oliver about 18 months ago – he was visiting Governors Harbour and staying with friends at Wykee Estates. We were invited for a fabulous dinner party […]