A bit of this and that in Eleuthera this week…..

Another one of those blogs that is a bit of this and that here in Eleuthera this week – no news on Bob’s operation so still playing a waiting game with that and trying to get on with life in the meantime. Sad news that dear Bill Burrows died this week. Some of you may […]

Potlatch Club part 3

This is the third blog I have written about Potlatch Club here in Eleuthera – it is such an interesting place – so Potlatch Part 3 it is ! I wanted to bring you all up to date with what is happening there at the moment ….. The first blog I wrote was at the […]

Building on a great history -The Potlatch Club Eleuthera

What a treat this week to write about The Potlatch Club here in Eleuthera – building on a great history….. The new owners Hans Febles and Bruce Loshusan have started work on renovating and restoring the 12 acre property and it is exciting to see what is being done and hear of their plans. I […]