Potlatch Club part 3

This is the third blog I have written about Potlatch Club here in Eleuthera – it is such an interesting place – so Potlatch Part 3 it is ! I wanted to bring you all up to date with what is happening there at the moment …..

The first blog I wrote was at the end of October 2015 and the amount of comments and memories that have been written about since then have grown and grown. Then I wrote about the beginning of the renovations by new owners Hans Febles and Bruce Loshusan in November 2016 with work starting in February of 2017 – a great deal has been done since then so it’s time for another Potlatch shaped blog !

I will post links to the 2 previous blogs at the end……

One of the things that I really love is the new logo – but it is totally inspired by the original one done by Diana Adams in the 60’s. On the brochure featured in my first blog – thought to be from the early 1970′ s it is also there. Now it has been brought right up to date but honors the past history of the place – something so right about that don’t you think ? By the way – I need to correct a mistake I made in the first blog – the 3 ladies were Diana Adams, Elizabeth Fitzgerald and Mary Driggs – not Marie Drake as I was told.

Check back to the first blog for the 70″s brochure showing each of these elements in the logo

So the 3 original houses – Furthermore – The Cottage – and The Adams House – have all been renovated and the Adams House will be going in to the rental pool when that opens up – most likely in early 2021. There will be 10 hotel rooms and the 4 bedroom 4 bathroom Adams House . There are 6 individual cottages which are rated as rooms – and a block of 3 adjoining rooms – handy if you want to be together….

The original main clubhouse has been beautifully renovated with an extra wing to it which gives it a lovely symmetry. This will be the new pass through entrance along with offices and a library along with a logo store and a library – there will also be a separate boutique. Spending opportunities !

Looking back from beach side at the original clubhouse

At the moment , the jewel in the crown is the spectacular outdoor bar – with a stunning spire roof. Work is still continuing on it and I have to say the workmanship is fabulous. There is a crescent shaped pool in front of it with a huge stone deck for lounging around on and the area will be ringed with large palm trees….. An ideal area for outdoor private parties which can be catered for by the kitchen at the back of the bar.

Eleuthera’s answer to Gaudi’s Barcelona ! – look it up !!!!
Staying safe up on the spire …
It will look stunning when it is all painted white look at the great workmanship inside the spire

There will be another pool – actually constructed inside the original one -that had cracks in it that it would not be possible to seal successfully. So what a great idea to build inside the shell – it will be heated and have a handicapped lift. State of the art !!

This looks out to the ocean
The crescent shaped pool outside the bar

The standard of everything that is being done is absolutely tip top – so I’m sure that the new restaurant will also be stunning. needless to say we are all so looking forward to that opening up….. Good news as well for all of us here is that the restaurant and bar will be open to the general public – very much appreciated.

Looking down to the ocean from the steps outside the original clubhouse….

Hans is the person here on the ground in Eleuthera and his calm nature has seen him through all the usual dramas that come with a large construction project. He is doing a fabulous job and the quality of the work as well as the materials will be a long lasting testament to the next phase of life for Potlatch. I love the way that projects, businesses, and houses so often have a life that outlives us all. We are custodians for these buildings , we leave our personal mark on them for a while but they have a momentum and volition of their own ……

Our own house is a prime example of that – built in 1750-ish it has amazing stories of love and loss, birth and death, happiness and sadness saturated in the fabric of the place – we make our mark and then we are gone – and future generations glean what knowledge they can of those personal stories.

Don’t forget that even if you live in a new house you are starting the story of the soul of that place – be kind and loving to those walls and floors as they are soaking up all that happens there……

Here are the links to the first Potlatch blog and then the second one

A glimpse of the Atlantic from my seat at the bar….

10 thoughts on “Potlatch Club part 3

  1. Love your comment “that we are all custodians…” So true. Time and investment for posterity, keeping on and taking care of soul. I remember your previous Potlatch blogs. That was some good research. I’m not sure when we’ll return to GHB, but we will and will surely enjoy what Hans and Bruce have built!
    D xo

    1. Lovely to hear from you Donna – Potlatch will be a real quality project – can’t wait to lunch there !!

    1. It is just before Tippy’s on the left hand side if you are driving towards Tippy’s from GH. Hopefully early 2021 – fingers crossed !

  2. Visionary. Impressive legacy. Love Eleuthera. Their project is stunning and a true labor of love. Congratulations Hans & Bruce and so looking forward to the opening!
    Rose Pujol & Rafael

    1. Thank you Rose and Rafael – it really is a beautiful project – making the most of it’s history – but moving it forward for the 21st Century….. Hope to see you there one day.

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