GLOgood and Let Love Rule dental clinic in Eleuthera

Some of you will have already seen a post I shared about the dental clinic being run in Eleuthera by the GLOgood and Let Love Rule Foundations. But now you are going to get the full length version of my experience visiting the clinic. So this is an initiative started in 2014 where a dental […]

Discovering Navy Beach and a trip to the vet

So I am embarrassed to tell you dear readers that after living here for 14 years I have only just finally found my way to Navy Beach – up towards the airport on the Atlantic side. With my sister Jane here I decided that we needed to break the routine and try other beaches rather […]

All the Rage in Eleuthera

Look I know this is a terrible sort of pun about what is actually a very serious situation – all the rage in Eleuthera – but I’m sorry – I just couldn’t resist it.  So the major storm that battered the north east of the US has had an effect all the way down here […]