Summer camps, lovely lunches in Eleuthera and Happy Independence Day

This week there is plenty to write about – summer camps, lovely lunches and Happy Independence Day all here in the Bahamas.

So first – the summer camps. This week I went to see the summer camp being held at Haynes Library. The theme of the camp is around the world in 30 days – six weeks of camp – get it ? It is being run by 6 fabulous graduates from West Chester University – they are all teaching staff who came here under the program set up and run by the amazing Dr Claire Verden. They are all here as volunteers and are doing an inspiring job.

What a fabulous group of volunteers……..

Each week they study a different continent – and each day a different country within that continent. They are using dance, music, arts and crafts as well as the literacy program to inspire the students – aged between 5 and 12 years old – and to broaden their knowledge of the world. I think it is a spectacular program and I visited the students at the library while they were making junkanoo style masks to celebrate Independence Day – which is July 10th here in the Bahamas.

Pretty cool eh ?

The enthusiasm and dedication of these teachers is admirable – giving yet more to a community that they have already given generously to. And the children are clearly loving it ! So a huge thank you to Dr Claire as well as Hannah, Julie, Marissa , Morgan , Ally and Briana.

Says it all…..
Working away and having fun.
Amazing what you can do with half a paper plate and a good dose of inspiration.

Last week Bob and I took a quick trip up to Spanish Wells – I had to get a quick clean at the dentist’s there. Great job by the way ! On the way back we stopped for lunch at The Surf Shack in Gregory Town. It was so darned good …. We both ate the same thing – tequila shrimp sandwich with fries and shared a watermelon and golden beet salad. It was one of those lunches where you really savor every mouthful and don’t want it to end – so good.

So it is served as an open sandwich and you choose how to eat it …..

The quirky setting is such fun and the AC in the interior is more than welcome on these HOT HOT HOT days ….. Do give it a try if you are in or around Gregory Town.

I loved this coconut decorated with such style and humor !

So there will be celebrations on Wednesday – the day before you read this – but Bob and I are traveling that day to FL for him to have his second eye surgery – so no reporting on the celebrations ! Only our own …..

This time we are flying from North Eleuthera into Miami – I will report on how well it all goes.

We went to a riotous brilliant dinner party with 8 friends the other night at Bacchus Fine Foods – such fun. Angelika served a Guava jam cake – the recipe of which is featured in the May / June edition of Bake magazine. I Lovely interview with Angelika is featured as well ….

4 thoughts on “Summer camps, lovely lunches in Eleuthera and Happy Independence Day”

  1. Barbara fischl

    We too loved the Surf Shack and would love to try it for dinner but we do not attempt the roads here at night. A friend told us it is the best food on the island. I remember how good the food was when he was cooking at Ocean Talley.

    1. Bob and Kathy Colman

      I know – we only go locally at night to eat out – just to scary to risk. I agree about how good the food is – he was amazing at Ocean Tally ….. great to see you both the other day.

  2. Thank you, Kathy! I am a day late is wishing Eleuthera, Happy Independence Day! I loved the photos of the kids with their masks! I take it that you are back eating all that wonderful seafood. Yum! on the shrimp dish.

    Hope all goes well in Florida with Bob’s eye. Stay cool!


    1. Bob and Kathy Colman

      Thanks Camilla. I am just avoiding any local fish – shrimp are from somewhere else ! his op went really well – thanks so much…..

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