Art in the Park at Leon Levy Preserve

Flagging up this Saturday – 24th March 18 – when the Art in the Park exhibition is taking place. It is being held at the Leon Levy Preserve right here in Governors Harbour and proceeds are for the Exceptional Learners Center – the cause probably closest to my heart of all the ones we support…. […]

The Eleuthera Lizard Trail and Art in the Park

We have some wonderful people here in Eleuthera and the 2 projects – The Eleuthera Lizard Trail and Art in the Park – are both the brainchild of a homeowner in Double Bay – the inspirational Loretta Bonet. She has come up with two brilliant ideas and I am so happy to write about them […]

This was Halloween in Governors Harbour

Halloween always surprises Bob and I – in the UK it is not really celebrated in the same way as Halloween in Governors Harbour is ! This year we were pretty well prepared. During a recent trip to Florida we stocked up on hideous tooth rotting candy, our animated dog skeleton as well as various […]