10 Year Anniversary of the Blog !

Well dear readers – here we are 10 years on from first starting the Best of Eleuthera blog ! Apart from a few months break last year whilst I was nursing my Mum in the final months of her life it has been a consistent in my life and yours !

I know that some of you have stayed as loyal readers throughout that time and I want to tell you how much I appreciate your support.

Things have changed a lot of course in those 10 years – at the time it was to keep in touch with our lovely renters who came and stayed at Governors Estate and then later at Anchor Point but of course we no longer have the rental properties but I continue to blather on, often just with the minutiae of our lives here.

And so it is this week – nothing major or of great importance but just a bit of this and that and always a fair bit about food of course ……

I never tire of seeing the different sunrises every day at Sprawling Towers


Last week we had a busy time with a group over from Texas – 3 consecutive nights out. I had decided the other week that 2 nights out on the trot was a bit too much and that we would avoid doing that – so of course suddenly we had to cope with 3 – yikes. We showed the group around the Governors Harbour area looking at the houses in various different styles that we have built over the years. They were a lovely – young ! – group and it was good to explain to them what does and doesn’t work here design wise. We enjoyed a meal at 1648, followed by The Potlatch Club and finally a meal cooked at Lush Life , where they were staying, by the very talented Pascale Burrows.

Dinner at Lush Life

The group were fun to and very interesting to be around and spending time with them was a great gift – so interesting hearing about both their working and personal lives. It is unusual for us to be with a professional group like this for 3 days – we both found it stimulating and very engaging to share ideas and thoughts. Thank you to you all for the time we spent with you…..

Thankfully we had a nice quiet weekend and Monday was a Public Holiday here so it was a good long weekend to recover !

Absolutely love this painting in the entrance area at Potlatch – by Jamaican artist William Skilling
Bob and general manager Kezang having a lovely chat……

We had a great lunch at The Potlatch Club this week and we were treated to a guided tour of the cottages and 4 bedroom villa that will be open to guests from June 15th. They are all lovely – some with garden views and some with ocean views.

A lovely bedroom in one of the garden view cottages

The landscaping is gorgeous – of course a lot of it is many years old – very mature trees – but quite a lot is new planting although you wouldn’t know that. In the library I saw a great photograph of the 3 ladies who started the original Potlatch Club. Just waiting for someone to comment and tell me their names !!

The original ladies who started Potlatch
Deserts at Potlatch lunch

On a different note, Dan and Larry’s rescue pups were taken off to Nassau by BAARK on Monday this week. They are being flown to the US for rehoming on June 1st. Fingers and toes crossed that they will stay together – but the most important thing is that they have great forever homes.

After all the dog and puppy pictures I thought it was about time that Brian was featured again – she is a bit of a contortionist ! How could she sleep like this ?????

And so dear readers that’s it for another week. Take care of yourselves and have some fun. Not always easy but it is the best tonic. Spend time with those you love and like and tell them how much you enjoy being with them……

So I made the tomato tart which sadly did not taste that great – it was OK – but it either needs some pesto in there or alternatively a slug of balsamic vinegar ! Try again Colman …..


29 thoughts on “10 Year Anniversary of the Blog !”

  1. Great blog, as always! I Googled the three ladies who founded The Potlatch Club and, in your blog dated October 29, 2015 you interviewed Bill Burrows and wrote that they were “Diane Adams, Marie Drakes and Elizabeth Fitzgerald”!

    1. Michael Sawer

      Wasn’t it two ladies with the last names Adams and Driggs? My father Allen Sawer worked there as the manager during the sixties. My brother and I were just little kids then. He later went on to manage the Windermere Island Club.

      1. kathy@kathycolman.com

        Yes you are right about the surnames – but in fact there were definitely three of them. Thanks for the lovely information as well…. Good to hear from you.

  2. Jody Zacharuk

    Congratulations on the 10 year anniversary!
    Where does the time go?! My last visit was to your Peach cottage in 2013, and I sure miss Eleuthera. We had such a wonderful stay. So much has changed in my world, but thank you for blogging which gives me a glimpse of that wonderful island life I love x
    – Jody

    1. kathy@kathycolman.com

      How lovely to hear from you – it is always so nice to get feedback about the blog and a quick catch up from you. Thank you …..

  3. Our first blog from you , Jatht! Thoroughly enjoyed. We have 3 more days on lovely Eleuthera and then back to Chicago. We will be back next year. Which will be our third year in a row. We can’t get enough!
    Jon and Barb

      1. Jon and Barb Paine

        Thanks Kathy! We will say hi to you next year when we get here and in the meantime your blog will keep us going!

      2. Congratulations on the blog Kathy, love reading it. Thank you for keeping us all up to date and for the delicious foodie content!

  4. Liz, Marie and Diana. 3 great ladies. My ex wife and I actually worked for them at their club in Mallorca but that is a long story. We did spend a magic 7 weeks at Potlatch as their guests after a nasty car crash we were in back in the UK. Also met up with them a couple of times after that in NYC. Kind and generous ladies. Their manager at the time was a great friend of ours from the UK, Dennis Ryan.

    1. kathy@kathycolman.com

      Brilliant – thank you for this. So great when someone writes in with personal memories – I understand that their generosity was renowned – to the expense of their business I was told by Bill Burrows who worked there back in the 70’s …..

  5. So here’s your avid reader of 10 years back on point. Yes! We love your posts keeping us abreast of happenings there and also your thoughtful heart-felt words. Thanks for the Brian Pic. KAT YOGA

    1. kathy@kathycolman.com

      Yes dear Donna – you were the first person to comment on the first blog – thanks for being such a dedicated reader ! Lovely to hear from you x

        1. kathy@kathycolman.com

          Thank you – surely there must be some lovely spring weather coming your way soon ????

  6. Dear Kathy, Thank you for connecting us for your 10 Years!
    We did so enjoyed our time in your Peach cottage in 2016 (I think). Wonderful hospitality. We follow your activities over the years. Always busy and making things happen!
    Best to Bob!
    Cynthia Dougherty
    Hudson Quebec

  7. Kathy,
    Nice to hear about the going’s on in Eleuthera! I notice that Bob is sporting some new shoes….I hope you haven’t tossed his favorite black leather zip up boots!!

    1. kathy@kathycolman.com

      Sad to tell you that those boots had a ceremonial farewell – just fell apart ! Good to hear from you – hope you are both well….

  8. Happy 10th Anniversary! I’ve enjoyed your blog over the years, first as a traveler to Eleuthera and then as a home owner. Thank you for your design advice, your involvement with the sailing club, and sharing your island adventures while we are here in Canada (wishing we were there). You have become an island celebrity to us.

  9. camilla p. ross

    Congratulations on ten years of the blog. I am a dedicated and loyal reader! We started at Potlatch in the late 70″s and then were members of the Windermere Island Club. I knew Burrows and Alan Sawer. Thanks to your blog, I have been able to see the many changes over the years. My husband, unfortunately, passed away years ago. Thank you for keeping the memories alive! So many memories!!!

  10. Congratulations on 10 years! Always my favourite connection to Eleuthera when we aren’t there. It’s been such a wonderful source of news, tip, insights and, of course, saliva-inducing foodie photos. Here’s to another 10 years! XO

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