Sad news from Frigates restaurant

Hello dear readers – yes sad news from Frigates where the owner – the lovely Ms Lisa Culmer died the other week. I think that she was only in her early fifties at most – maybe even late forties. She had suffered from bad health but was much lifted by realizing her dream of opening a restaurant in Governors Harbour. Her husband Gino is carrying on with both businesses – there is the original Frigates in Rock Sound of course as well as looking after their young son who is only 11 years old……

Circumstances like this bring a strong recognition of how important it is to strive to achieve the things you have dreamed of – none of us have any idea really of how long we have left in this life – but this also has to be balanced with enjoying the time that you can spend with those that you love.

No-one ever said on their deathbed – I wish I had spent more time in the office – did they ?

Finding a balance in life is one of those conundrums that is important to puzzle over and when you are young – everyone seems young to me these days – it is hard to balance a working life with a home life. Anyway I will leave you to ponder over this while I go on to more mundane issues.

Enjoying a good meal at Frigates – thanks to Jane for a great picture
Bob’s blackened grouper at Frigates – delicious ! yes of course I tried it in the interests of reporting only

Just before I do I want to tell you that we went to Frigates for an early dinner this week. The staff are carrying on and doing their best in what must be a very difficult time. We had a lovely dinner – Bob had blackened grouper with delicious potatoes and fresh vegetables and Jane and I both had a creamy pasta – mine with shrimp , Jane’s with chicken. A cold beer and we resisted the temptation of the pineapple upside down cake we saw our neighbors eating – not for any other reason than we were all full !

Lovely picture of my lovely sister Jane
This was my creamy pasta with shrimp and some lovely fresh vegetables

And now dear readers – the mundane bit …. The automatic posting of the blog is causing problems for the wonderful Shiftweb team who sort all blog related matters out for me. Apparently a lot of the mail out is rejected as spam and goes back to them. They have suggested a solution in switching to Mailchimp – but I want to warn you that there may be a few hiccups along the way.

The last few weeks there has been an automated email to you from me – but it is an automatic one ! – now this may cease and we are going to have to delete all the bounce backs and ones labelled as spam. So if for any reason next week you do not get a mail out directly into your email account first please check your trash or junk folder and move to your inbox . If it is not there then please know that you can always access the blog by simply typing into your browser.

You may need to sign up again in the new subscriber box which will be directly to Mailchimp – but not until next week when we execute the changeover. Goodness things can get challenging – but we will persevere and all will be well I am told !

And so dear friends on we go …. Of course both Bob and I are really enjoying having Jane around and at least for now are relaxing in the feeling that there are still a good few weeks left to enjoy with her. We are not doing anything monumental – just loving being in each others company , cooking together, floundering in the pool together, watering plants and other daily tasks that are just better done together.

And finally thank you so very much to all of you who reached out last week to comment on the 10 year anniversary – it was lovely to read all your messages of support and encouragement – much appreciated …..

I hope that all our readers in the US had a good Memorial Day – I understand that this signals the start of summer and the wearing of all manner of summery items – so let’s hope that the weather makes this possible. Down here in Eleuthera things are really heating up so crank up the AC and get out those swimsuits !

Have a great weekend and see you all next week …..

And another spectacular sunrise ……




9 thoughts on “Sad news from Frigates restaurant”

  1. Barbara and Alan

    Is it really ten years that we have been enjoying your delightful blog? Thanks for putting in the effort and keeping us informed . We do enjoy the reading each week.

    Barbara and Alan


      How lovely to hear from you – I was asking Dan if you had been down there lately. Hope that you are keeping as well as possible xx

  2. Kristen Cooney

    We arrive at Tops House this Saturday morning. It will be our third time staying there. We can wait to revisit the island!!

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