Introducing Kim Young in Eleuthera to you

This week I want to introduce you to Kim Young -Margolius an Integrated Health and Wellness practitioner based in Tarpum Bay. Let me tell you she is a treasure right here on our doorsteps and I want to bring your attention to her.

A couple of different people had told me about her – she is someone who is able to assess what each individual needs and then she treats them – and everyone says the same – she is absolutely brilliant at what she does……

Bob put his lower back out a couple of weeks ago which hasn’t happened for a long time and he thought that he was going to have to get on a plane and go to Fort Lauderdale to see his chiropractor. But I told him about Kim and about how many people had spoken so highly of her, so when she said she would see him that afternoon it was a no brainer.

We told her about his Parkinson’s disease as well as his surgery following his awful fall 3 years ago plus putting his lower back out – she treated him for an hour with acupuncture as well as massage and her own special techniques and by the following morning his lower back problem was so much better. So now Bob is seeing her once a week to maximize his quality of life ….. I can’t rationally explain how wonderful this holistic treatment is but I see it in action.

Kim working her magic on Bob …..

So this week I decided that I would like to see her myself to treat very uncomfortable tight muscles in my neck , back and shoulders as well as also having pulled something in my lower back a few weeks ago. The tension has built over the last few years and was definitely made worse last year when having to maneuver  my Mum around as I nursed her through her dying process.

Well Kim used a variety of techniques including acupuncture, cupping, massage and reflexology on me and whilst there is no immediate cure – it will be a process with treatment done on a regular basis and I know that already there is some improvement.

Here is a link to Kim’s website – called NuWellness – and I urge you to take a look and trust in what I tell you ! Her mission is to maximize the quality of life for her patients and certainly all the people I have talked with have sung her praises so highly. I will keep you informed every now and then about our own personal progress and do urge you to give her a try for any health problems you may have.  Plus she is a delightful woman regardless of her capabilities in getting to the heart of your problem…..

Now a quick catch up guess what – yes – what we have been eating and where !

Eggs Benedict Island Style – fabulous – this is what Jane and I both had ….

We sampled a breakfast at The Potlatch Club last week – in the interests of research you understand ! Bob Jane and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience as you will see from the pictures. You do need to call in advance if you are thinking of trying breakfast there to make sure that they will be open….

Potlatch Club breakfast for Bob….

Friday evening we went on Cupid’s Cay to have dinner with Dan and Larry which is always a treat. The food was great as always , gnocchi with mushrooms in a delicious creamy sauce followed by cannoli and grilled fresh pineapple.

Chef Dan with me ….
Cannoli with fresh grilled pineapple and strawberries !

The power did go out – we have been having lots of power outages here on the island – so we didn’t linger for too long after we ate but it was a great evening with our dear friends who we treasure !

And with Larry …..

On Sunday it was our friend Miranda’s birthday so we took her to The Potlatch Club for a celebratory lunch. It was delicious – I had requested the day before to have a Pad Thai dish with shrimp – and the 5 of us all had it …… It was a lovely occasion and we all went to our respective homes afterwards and put our feet up for a snooze ….

Happy Birthday Miranda – seated between Bob and Jane

We have finally had some rain here – it has been a drought for a good few months – so this has been very welcome. The cisterns needed water and the plants and trees were desperate. It has laid a lot of the dust but we still need plenty more. It is not so good for those here on a week’s vacation but often the day will brighten up after the rain and we will see people on the beach enjoying the break in the weather.

And so dear friends on we go – nearing the end of June already – the year is just racing by …..

Have a good weekend and enjoy the company of your friends and family while you can……

This is outside one of the stores in downtown Governors Harbour – I just always smile when I see these things. Give me a few more treatments with Kim and I will be moving like this in no time at all !

7 thoughts on “Introducing Kim Young in Eleuthera to you”

  1. So many positive Vibes Kathy! Good luck with the holistic treatments for you and Bob.
    Have a great weekend. Best, Alison Church

  2. Surprise! Here I am. Loved to hear about Kim. Lucky, both of you! Larry and Dan………I feel like I know them. Great that Jane is still on island. Terrific Blog! Love the photos of Potlatch!
    I go to Google to get your blog. Thank God for that! How is Rudge? Probably staying cool in the heat,

  3. Enjoy your blog!
    I offer someone ese to introduce id Sharon French and Eleuthera Outdoor Center and Tour Eleuthera. The first is due to her efforts and the latter is in conjunction with Disney.
    She has madw a career of helping Bahamanians have a better life.

  4. Good to hear that you have a professional like Kim to make a real difference for Bob and you. Care of your mom surely required strength on many levels. What a gift you gave her. I was sorry to hear of your loss. Do take care of your back and please keep posting photos of your radiant smile which without fail trigger one at the reader’s end.

    1. Kim is just brilliant – we are so lucky to have her here….. And thank you for your kind words…..

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