Happy 4th July to all our US Readers….

Hello dear friends – wishing a Happy 4th July – Independence Day –  to all our US readers who will be celebrating today – if you are reading this the day it is published, and a Happy Independence Day on July 10th to all our Bahamian readers. I am sure that there will be plenty of celebrations – not to mention fireworks – featuring in the parties. I am not really sure what people in the US do for celebrations – so please let me know !

Jane and I are savoring our last week together as she leaves this Saturday to go back home to the UK.

We are not doing anything wild and crazy but just being aware of each passing day. Having said that I do seem to have roped her in to helping me shampoo two large rugs which were looking a bit dodgy to say the least ! One from the dining area and the other from the master bedroom. I must admit that I did think they would hold up better than they have – they are indoor outdoor rugs and I thought that they would be easy to spot clean – however they are light colored which is what I like but does not make for the easiest maintenance . I bought a small upright Hoover carpet shampooer and it has been brilliant I have to say. Of course all these tasks are easier when there are 2 of you – thank you Jane for helping me so much and full credit to her for the beautiful picture of the poinciana flowers at the top of the blog.

It has been so lovely for us to have her here for 8 weeks and of course I will miss her desperately ……

We have really enjoyed cooking together as I have told you and this week we enjoyed a lemon lobster pasta. I discovered a while ago Meyer Lemon Savory Oil – which is perfect to use along with a large quantity of butter to poach the lobster in. I take the lobster out of the shell, chop it and slowly poach it in the butter and oil , then toss it all into the strained pasta along with a good sprinkling of freshly chopped parsley and a good grating of black pepper.  Oh I love this ……

So darned good if I say so myself !

We finally managed to make ourselves a Bloody Caesar to drink on Sunday before we went out to lunch at Bacchus Fine Foods – we have kept on talking about enjoying one but after 7 weeks just managed to get one in ……

Bloody Caesar – thank you I don’t mind if I do …..

Jane and I took a run up to Hatchet Bay to see Gina at The Front Porch at the end of last week and it was a delight to just sit and chat and enjoy a cold glass of sparkling water and then be served a delicious dish of passion fruit, mango and pineapple. When these fruits are in season here – which of course they are now – it is an absolute joy to sit and pick at them.

Mango, passion fruit and pineapple – all island grown

The Educators for Eleuthera Summer Camp has started this week and is in full swing from the get go – a very big thank you to the generous donations made by you and the small ones too – they all make for a really good time for the children attending. There will be plenty of pictures to follow in the coming weeks.

Enjoying Sunday lunch at BFF

And so dear friends that’s it for this week – we are off to the land of plenty next week – just a quick 3 night visit for a bit of maintenance – dermatologist for mole checks, dentist and the highlight for me – getting my rogue lower eyelashes permanently removed again – there are nice gaps where the ones from last time are gone – but there are new ones that need zapping. Of course you can expect food stories next week – no surprises there then ! I will also report on Aztec Airways now flying in to Fort Lauderdale International Airport instead of the Executive Airport in Fort Lauderdale.

Have a great weekend and I wish you all Happy Independence Day wherever it is appropriate …….

A bit of Gina’s artwork at the Front Porch

9 thoughts on “Happy 4th July to all our US Readers….”

  1. Hi Kathy,
    Of all the messages I had hoped to send Bob you since we met at M’s b’day, here I am with a tip for your rug spot cleaning ( and furniture and even clothes): Bissell Pro carpet rug & upholstery stain and odour remover ( a spray). While it does not work on everything it works on a lot. I order it on line here in the country of snow tires (LOL) but perhaps it’s something you can find in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Peter and I send Bob and you our warmest regards.

    1. Oh thanks for this Linda – I will get some ! Lovely to hear from you and thanks for the top tip !

  2. I very much enjoy reading your blog. I especially enjoy following your meals out. My husband and I saw you and Bob on one of our visits to Eleuthera, and one year, we had the pleasure to meet you both at The Sunset Inn Restaurant. We usually visit the island in October however this year we will be there from mid October to the end of the first week in November, in hopes visiting the local business that might be reopening for the season, including restaurants. Many of the restaurants are closed during our stay. We eat out at Sunset, Frigates (excited to visit the new location in GH), 1648, Pascals and Wild Orchid. Tippy’s, BFF and Buccaneer are always closed. We want to try the Front Porch but wonder if they stay open during the off season. Any other recommendations are much appreciated. Best regards to you and yours.

    1. kathy@kathycolman.com

      So glad you enjoy the blog ….. I will try and find out what will be open from mid- October onwards. Hope to see you again.

  3. Dear Kathy,
    No worries. As I Googled your blog! Guess the re-subscribe di not work. Happy July 10 and Happy 4th to us. It used to mean parade and BBQ on the East coast. The day is different now. California is not the East coast.
    Love your blog! I look forward to it. Bye! Jane

    1. Hi Kathy,
      I always enjoy your book and movie recommendations, so I thought I would add one of my own!
      Have you watched Palm Royale on Apple? I thought of you because of your frequent trips to Florida. So much fun to enjoy the lifestyle of Palm Beach in the 60’s, and Carol Burnett is a hoot!
      Hope to see you soon,

    2. Oh I really hoped it would work – did you check your spam or junk mail ? But lovely to hear from you …..

      1. I did! No worries. We have fussed with this long enough! I get a notification in my email and then look it up on Google. At least I still get it!

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