Preparing for a visit from Hurricane Matthew

So right now we are preparing for a visit from Hurricane Matthew – a slow moving and very powerful category 4 hurricane. Preparations mean storing everything away from outside – not just our house and my Mum’s house but all 3 rental houses and the 2 apartments as well.

That is a lot of sun-loungers, tables and chairs, umbrellas , gas grills, and all sorts of other assorted things. It means closing and securing shutters where we have them , and boarding up vulnerable spots where we do not have shutters.

This is going on all over the island – it also means stocking up on non-perishable food items as the power goes out before the storm even really hits – never mind how long it is out for during and after the storm.  The queues in Burrows Food Store this morning looked like it was Christmas – but without the fun ….. This will be another occasion I know when we sit down and say – we really do have to get sorted out with a generator ! – If only we had one ……

Norma's Gift Shop all shuttered up
Norma’s Gift Shop all shuttered up

There is a very strange atmosphere before the storm as well – I ask a lot of Bahamaian people who have obviously grown up with the threat and the reality of hurricanes if they are used to them – and they always say no ….. It is a frightening thing to experience and it would appear that that fear never leaves you.

I asked Nakesha and Jennilee who both work in our office what their most memorable experiences were …. Nakisha talked about Hurricane Flloyd in 1999 when she was about 13 – and her family having to flee their home during the rage of the storm because the flooding was so severe. They escaped to an Aunt’s 2 storey house nearby and obviously lost a lot of their possessions as a result – but it is that memory of having to flee the rising water that stays with her the most.

Jennilee told me her enduring memory was in the 1992 Hurricane Andrew episode when she was only about 4 years of age – and being so frightened because of seeing her mother crying and fearful – these feelings are triggered every time a hurricane threatens.

Buccaneer - all shuttered up safe and sound.....
Buccaneer – all shuttered up safe and sound…..

The town looks awful with everywhere boarded up – at least before the storm all the trees and foliage look good – afterwards it is truly depressing. Anyway it is the price we pay for living in this beautiful spot so we get ready to ‘suck it on up’ as they say here……

RBC bank - we know you are there somewhere !
RBC bank – we know you are there somewhere !

I am publishing my blog early this week as we may be without power for some time – on the other hand made it will be like Hurricane Joaquin last year who swerved at literally the last minute and totally missed us after multiple predictions of a direct hit to Eleuthera. Of course Cat Island was hit very badly and the relief you feel at having escaped yourself is tempered with sorrow and a very real empathy for the people who you know are suffering badly……

Pammy's - no food here for a while ......
Pammy’s – no food here for a while ……

I always think of how much advance warning we have these days thanks to satellite weather observation stations and the full range of communications that are available. it is hard to imagine that it would just be seeing the barometer falling that warned you of what was about to happen. Even then you would not really know the severity of the storm approaching.

Our house was built around 1750 – just think of how many hurricanes it has endured – the original builders knew what they were doing back then – it may have had several new roofs but it is a testament to the knowledge of that time…….

OK – see you on the other side of the storm…….

OK so with a pretty depressing blog like this you need at least one cute puppy picture - right ?
OK so with a pretty depressing blog like this you need at least one cute puppy picture – right ?



23 thoughts on “Preparing for a visit from Hurricane Matthew”

  1. Prayers your way to you and Bob. Hopefully not much damage good thing is you are on high end of island so storm surge hopefully doesn’t effect you.

    Keeping all of you on the island in thought and prayers.

    We are closing up as well because they are not sure where it will be near Florida

    1. Bob and Kathy Colman

      Thanks so much Frank for this…. And we send the same back to you both as well. If a storm surge affects us here at the top of the hill there is serious trouble afoot !

    1. Bob and Kathy Colman

      Thanks so much – just sitting here waiting in the gloom at the moment and trying to entertain a very boisterous pup ! Thanks for thinking of us…..

    1. Bob and Kathy Colman

      Yes – I am praying that he gives us the cold shoulder just like Joaquin did last year …… Thanks for reaching out

  2. John Nussbaumer

    Kathy and Bob, our whole family have you both in our thoughts and prayers. Stay safe and hopefully Matthew will make an abrupt change of course.

    1. Bob and Kathy Colman

      Thank you so much – we have plenty of food in so we will not starve – just trying to entertain Rudge at the moment. The rain is intermittent so I drag him out as soon as it stops. And lots to read as well – making the best of it…..

  3. My little family is all tucked in too up in Rainbow–2 with bad colds, one feral cat( my daughter is severely allergic to) -and a pup to entertain too! Oh – and the baby is 7 months old now! It is looking like it is heading more west than anticipated- but have you seen Mish’s post it may circle back?

    1. Bob and Kathy Colman

      Goodness no – circling back is really not playing fair at all….. Good luck and stay safe – wild cat, puppy children including a 7 month old baby – you are a hero !!

  4. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. We’ve been talking about our beautiful spots and hope they come thru ok. Be safe. Xoxo Susan,Judy and Joe from LI. Love the puppy!

    1. Bob and Kathy Colman

      Thanks so much – we are still waiting for the force of it to hit us – winds are picking up now and the power just went out. using my cellphone hot spot – so useful. Lovely to hear from you – see you on the other side of the storm…..

  5. John Nussbaumer

    It looked like the full force of Matthew was somewhat west of you. I hope damage was minimal. Saw that many trees were down. I assume you had a full supply of Tates. Is your power back?
    A concerned Judy and John

    1. Bob and Kathy Colman

      All was well here at Colman Towers – we ate our way through it – what else was there to do ! Thank heavens for gas cooktops…. We lost a few bushes and branches – it really was a miracle for us that at the very last minute it steered to the west. But very bad news for Nassau – they haven’t had anything like it since 1929 believe it or not….. Bob spent the 2 days we were housebound assembling a new home gym – he was exhausted but very fit at the end of it !!!

    1. Bob and Kathy Colman

      Rudge took the whole thing in his stride – just as long as he had his food and treats he was fine – he didn’t seemed fazed at all ! In fact Bob said he heard him say ‘Bring it on ‘ !!

  6. Hi Kathy and Bob!
    So glad to hear you are all safe and had minimal damage. Misty is in Nassau with her mother-she says they are all safe. But she can’t get back til the ferry runs again. If/when you can get out for a walk down the hill, please let us know how Driftwood fared. You can write via What’s App if you prefer. Thanks! …very cute puppy!!!

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