Roger Ryall – this one is for you – RIP…..

Such sad news this week as I tell you that dear Roger Ryall from Canada has died in a plane crash. Roger was the lovely man who bought Tops House from us in January 2021 and we got to know him reasonably well.

Such a kind and thoughtful person who loved his new skill of flying. He had his own plane and had flown down here to Eleuthera on several occasions.

It is a salutary reminder that we just do not know what is around the corner for any of us – live each day as if it is your last is maybe not the entirely right sentiment but do stop and savor what you can…..

Roger told me about 10 days ago ,when we last saw him, that he read the blog every week and loved it as a way of feeling connected to what was happening here. He said ” I love reading that the Sweet and Savory food truck is open for business again ” – well dear Roger – they are closed now for their summer break and will reopen later on the year……

You will recognize him from the picture that was on just last week’s blog…..

Death does appear amongst us at regular intervals and we have to be able to face it with an open and loving heart. And most importantly we need awful reminders like this to keep a sense of perspective about our lives and what goes on in them. Once again I urge you to treasure those that you have and love – hold them close to your heart and value the time you have with them.

And so dear Roger – this is dedicated to you – a man who really knew how to seize life by the horns and enjoy it. May you rest in peace……

Sending condolences and love to all family and friends who knew and loved Roger…..


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      1. Hi Kathy,

        My name is Mark Jackson and I grew up with Roger and his sister Susan in Toronto. We all went to high school together – Wexford Collegiate. He was in my law class too.

        I also worked with Roger at Pizza Pizza for years. I actually got him the job. Oh the laughs we had.

        I was also teaching Roger guitar up until the plandemic in which we moved to Quebec. He actually helped ship my trans am.

        I had just gone through the loss of Susan with him and now he’s gone. My twin brother Michael just passed away as well Nov 28th. We have literally known each other since grade 5 at Precious Blood. To give a better understanding we also grew up in the same building for years. Always hanging by the pool. Swimming was a great past time in the concrete jungle lol.

        To see these tributes is incredible. Roger was an amazingly loving person and generous. He loved his children so much.

        For those who didn’t know Roger was actually left handed on guitar when he first started many many years back in high school and good too but understandably fell out of it. He called me when he wanted to start back up. First few he lessons he went left then simply decided he wanted to play right which he did successfully! I couldn’t do that as I am also left handed on guitar. Actually we always commented back in the day that we both were lefties.

        I miss these 2 everyday and pray that they are with Mike in God’s Kingdom for eternity until we all meet again. Only through Jesus will that happen.

        It’s nice to see these wonderful words for such a wonderful guy.

        God Bless
        Mark Jackson


          Thank you Mark for this – it is a lovely tribute for him. You have clearly been through a time of great loss and I send you my condolences. Death here in the Bahamas is embraced and accepted as inevitable in a way I have never known before. My stepfather died here over 12 years ago and my 96 year old mother this July and the people on this island have been wonderful. They talk openly and freely about death and loss which is a very healthy way to accept it. It doesn’t really make it any easier but it is a refreshing and healthy approach. Thank you again and sending prayers to you …..

  1. Larry Wilhelm

    So very sad to hear of this tragedy. We didn’t know him well, but he came to our Xmas Eve bonfire and potluck, and we had dinner at our friends’, the Modders, house just recently with him and his flight instuctor. He was a very nice and thoughtful man. Pity we did not get to now him better. Our condolences to His family and friends


        Actually I have found out that this was incorrect information that I was given…. Apologies

    1. He lived the motto Cape Diem to the fullest. Generous and full of life, he’ll leave a void for sure. Miss you already, pal.

  2. Sad so sad. He brought light and laughter with him. Our condolences to his family.
    sharen and Larry

  3. His loss is unfathomable. He was such a stellar human being – unfailingly kind, wonderfully generous, and always ready to embrace life. To say he will be missed is a huge understatement. His passing leaves a hole as big as the universe for his family and all of us who had the pleasure of knowing him.

  4. Maxine & Mark

    Thank you, Kathy, for your kindness. It means a lot to me and Mark during this difficult time. The loss of Roger has left an enormous void in our lives that we know will never be filled.

    Roger was not just a friend but a pillar of support for both of us. Our friendship was deep, genuine, and cherished. I sincerely wish that everyone will experience for themselves, the profound and supportive bond of trust, love, and respect that we had for each other. Our motto, “We Love Us,” may have raised a few eyebrows, but we understood its true meaning and what it means to the two remaining musketeers moving forward.

    In the wake of Roger’s passing, he leaves behind his three children, Parker, Aiden, and Emma, as well as his ex-wife Dayna and his mother Marie. He took immense pride in each one of you and loved you all deeply. Because of Roger’s love for us, he opened his private world to us and you have become our family. Please know that many of us share in your grief, there are heavy hearts out there thinking of you all.

    “Rogah,” our dear friend, always remember that you are beside us as we navigate through the day and the upcoming life adventures we had planned together.

    Love you, our SS,
    Mark & Maxine Hussey


      Beautifully expressed sentiments of a true and deep love and friendship. As you say – if any of us can experience this type of relationship then we will count ourselves extremely lucky xxxx With much love to you both during this dreadful dark night of the soul…..


      Thank you – and it is a big shock for sure….. keep well and love to you both as well xx

  5. What a wonderful tribute to Roger. Thank u for doing that and thanks to Mark and Maxine for sharing this with me 🙂 Roger has been one of my closest friends for the past 15 years, but even more so, he welcomed me as part of his family. It is true that he is kind, has a huge heart and is one of the most generous people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. He will be deeply missed, and I’m just so saddened that his children don’t have more time with their Dad. He was an amazing father to his 3 children and my heart breaks for them. But we’ll continue to keep his spirit alive for them and the wonderful extended family that Roger has brought together will all love and continue to look over them for him. Roger lived a life worth living. Cheers to you my friend xo


      Living a life worth living is such an important concept – and a sudden death like this wakes us all up to it. So sorry for your loss of a great and special person .

    2. So well put, both Kathy and Maxine. Dom and I feel blessed to have known Roger, and to represent his house here on Eleuthera.

      Roger was such a caring and kind homeowner, and never failed to show his appreciation for even the smallest things. He had an enormous heart and will be greatly missed.

      Mark and Max, I’m so sorry. My deepest condolences. I know how much Roger truly valued your friendship. Whenever I was ordering for the house and consulting with him, he would never fail to say, “Ask Maxine, I trust her judgment.”

      We were so shocked to hear the news, especially as he had been down here a few times on his plane, even just two weeks ago. He had plans to return again in the coming months, and again over New Years. He loved his place here and we always loved seeing him.

      Rest in Paradise, dear Roger. Words are never enough but thank you for always putting your trust in us. We will continue to do our very best to make you proud from above!

  6. A good man, will be sorely missed by many. RIP buddy.

    Will always remember our lunches at the chicken restaurant, sailing together in a variety of boats and a week in his condo in The Bahamas.


      Speaking about the memories we have made with someone after they have gone is such an important thing to do…. So sorry for your loss.

  7. Kathy, I did not know Roger, having left the island some years ago, but I was struck by the heartwarming comments from those who knew him. He must have been a very special man. Thank you for devoting a column to the man well loved by so many.

  8. My partner Hollis and I were blessed to have known Roger through Maxine and Mark. We initially met Roger when we were all guests at the Hussey Inn in Nassau. Roger had “his room” which always remained his 🙂 and Hollis and I stayed in other guest room.

    Over the years during our annual visit with family and friends, we’ve come to know and love Roger as what we fondly refer to as, “One of our Bahamas family members”, since our connection with him was there. Our vacations in the Bahamas have been blessed with Roger’s company. He was a part of our crew so to speak. The many occasions were filled with harmony, love and laughter. It’s difficult to accept there will not be another.

    Roger’s affable nature, wit and humor were infectious. He had the talent to make anyone around him feel welcome and at ease. He was a skilled mixologist of the perfect Bloody Caesar on the morning after a whirlwind of an evening. With sleepy eyes and possibly a bit of a headache, I’d eagerly await to taste his perfected concoction. As Hollis would say, “That Roger, he’s one of kind.” And so he was and will always remain unforgettable . . .

    Cheers to you, our dear friend. We’ll always miss you. . . XO


      Oh such a very lovely comment – these memories are so important – and to speak of him often and with joy as well as heaviness in our hearts is what will keep his spirt alive….. Thank you for these lovely memories. I will never drink another Bloody Caesar without thinking of him – even though I never tasted one of his. Thank you again…..

  9. Im roger’s niece he will be missed dearly so shocking that this has happend i will miss my uncle dearly

  10. Thou I did not know Roger as well as you all, my few encounters were always a joy.

    A life well lived and too short.

    God Speed Roger!

  11. Hello, just wanted to add one more message of condolence to this blog. I didn’t know roger but a few months back we bought a lot that he owned. Even though we never met we definitely had a great feeling about him and always thought we would eventually meet. Listening to our realtor mark hussey about him really gave us a great feeling and we were hoping to meet him soon.
    very very sad. No words ever seem to be enough when someone dies but hopefully his loved ones can see with all these comments how much joy roger brought to the world.

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