Rudge has landed – right in his Gucci slippers !

Rudge has finally landed here in Colman Towers right into his Gucci slippers ! Rudge for anyone who has not been paying attention is our gorgeous new Potcake puppy – just about 8 weeks old now. We picked him up last weekend – and bought him home. He was bathed and fussed and petted – well the fussing and petting have not stopped yet and probably never will and he has settled in right away.

My Mummy loves me a lot !
My Mummy loves me a lot !

The landing in the Gucci slipper part is a great reference to our former dog – Joe Louis. When we took him as a tiny puppy to Peter Bizzell the visiting vet from Palmdale Veterinary Clinic he remarked that he had fallen off the top of a very high building into a pair of Gucci slippers – in other words he had won the doggy lottery in being adopted by us !

Keeping up the family tradition .... clearing the bowl at every meal....
Keeping up the family tradition …. clearing the bowl at every meal….

Having a tiny new puppy is plenty of work but we just love it and Rudge is particularly lucky because our good friends Dan and Larry from Cupid’s Cay decided to adopt one of his litter brothers – now called Rufus – so he has beach playdates on his calendar as well as sleepovers on occasions when we travel. Huge thank you to Dan and Larry for that.

Rudge with his litter brother Rufus
Rudge with his litter brother Rufus
Dan with Rufus in his trusty and patented puppy carrier
Dan with Rufus in his trusty and patented puppy carrier

I could bore you all for hours with tales of what an exceptional puppy he is and all those fascinating little quirks of brilliance he has but thankfully I won’t ! But there will be plenty of very cute puppy pictures  in the coming weeks …..

So now the season is really winding down – Tippy’s and 1648 as well as the Buccaneer have all closed down for a couple of months. Huge thank you to Bacchus Fine Foods for staying open – somewhere lovely to go for Sunday lunch – plus I see from their FaceBook page that you can order a lovely paella from them – won’t be long until I pick up the phone !

This Saturday – September 10th – sees the opening night for the Max and Amos art show right here in Governors Harbour at the old Pyfrom Liquor Store – right on the corner of the uphill. Painted a pretty shade of pink it is a useful landmark when giving directions to anyone. There is an opening party from 6-8pm – do stop by if you are interested in Bahamian art…….

Oh and another part of my job here is to clear the shipments that come in through customs and then to organize moving them from the dock and storing them until they are needed for the jobs. Here is a picture of some of the pallets of kitchen units that we unloaded and stored the other day – by hand – not by forklift ! So for all of you who think I sit around and sip cold exotic cocktails while I design another gorgeous interior – this is what we unloaded and stored the other day – 7 double size pallets of kitchen units – looks like the main Ikea warehouse to me…..  No pictures however of me dripping – and I mean dripping in sweat !

Ikea warehouse or what ?
Ikea warehouse or what ?

OK – now back to playing with Rudge !

A hard day at the office - done all my paperwork played with my chum - now I need a rest.
A hard day at the office – done all my paperwork played with my chum – now I need a rest.


12 thoughts on “Rudge has landed – right in his Gucci slippers !

  1. Congratulations on the arrival of Rudge Colman. He is a beautiful little creature and landed with “his ars in the butter” which is the Irish version of landing with “his feet in the Gucci slippers.” In any case I wish you were in the service area of my Animal Care Business. Dan and Larry will love taking care of him when you travel and he will have fun with his litter mate. Happy. Happy. Off to Bermuda next month and Ireland in December and hopefully GHB in between. Thanks to all my creatures large and small. Life is indeed good.

    1. LOVE that Irish expression ! Lovely as always to hear from you – safe travels and hopefully see you soon …..

  2. Congratulations on your new addition, he is a cutie. Perhaps he will make the rounds as joe did every evening, Mary and I used to look foward to his visit . All the best to both you and bob. Dennis

    1. How lovely to hear from you Dennis – I am sure that in the future he will do his visiting just like dear Joe did…. Kindest regards to you and Mary as well….

  3. So cute! Enjoy your new little guy – we hope to see you and meet him before he’s out of his puppy phase. Not sure who’s luckier, him or you :)

    1. So nice that you are still reading the blog while you are across the pond. We would love you to meet him while he is still a gorgeous little puppy ! Lovely to hear from you……

  4. Greetings from Tesuque, NM! I can’t even vacation without enjoying your blog! SO looking forward to meeting this little chappy Rudge come December, and seeing you guys again. Enjoy,
    Love Donna and Stuart

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