Start of the Art Trail in Eleuthera

A visit to Tarpum Bay will get you a free view of the first outdoor wall painting which hopefully is the start of the Art Trail in Eleuthera. Bob’s elder son Joel had an idea to have an art trail from one end of the island to the other – a creative lot those Colmans ! – and so he managed to get the well known street artist D*Face to come here for a visit on his way to Art Basel in Miami and to paint the first piece in the series……..

Look closely to see the outline - no closer than that !
Look closely to see the outline – no closer than that ! – photo credit to Todd Vendetuoli for the next 5 pictures and the finished view at the top –  with thanks …..


D*Face along with his friend and compatriot Steve completed the mural on the wall of the Bay Side View  in Tarpum Bay in just a few days.


D*Face did the design and then projected it onto the wall and drew the outlines. Paint was supplied by Paint Paradise in Palmetto Point, and it was a daily delight for people to pass by and see the artwork taking shape.

Concentrating !
Concentrating !

D*Face – an associate of Banksy’s – also well known worldwide for his anarchic artistry – decided to give up his day job around ten years ago and concentrate on his painting.

Early stages....
Early stages….

“Thematically my work always draws upon personal experiences, whether that’s the saturation of media in our lives, our fascination with celebrity and stardom or more singular experiences such as the loss of loved ones,” D*Face says.

The guys in painting mode
The guys in painting mode

The mural is titled -” I found paradise – why can’t I find ………” and is sure to create a lot of discussion about what people think the final word or words should be !

Please post what you think it should be – mine is – I Found Paradise – Why Can’t I Find – WHERE I LEFT MY KEYS!!!

nearly done......
nearly done……

Street art is a wonderful way to engage many people who do not think of themselves as art fans in appreciation and discussion about what they see. So far we have not heard of any negative reactions – which is wonderful and surprising – so hopefully this can be the start of a great project.

D*Face - the man himself !
D*Face – the man himself !
Steve in action !
Steve in action !

Rudge is continuing to grow incredibly quickly and is becoming a lovely companion – well most of the time …..

Check out what happens when he is bored on a Friday afternoon and I am too busy to notice what he is doing around me !

This is what bored on a Friday afternoon looks like !
This is what bored on a Friday afternoon looks like !

And then there was Sunday when we went of for a lovely lunch at the Cove and Rudge decided to examine the papers Bob had left on the sofa !

Oh Rudge !
Oh Rudge !


6 thoughts on “Start of the Art Trail in Eleuthera

  1. Oh Kathy! Imagine “Double Trouble” w RUFUS! They just finished running The Indy 500 from living room to porch and back…..sleeping like Angels!

    D-Face…..”…..why can’t I find fresh fish?”

      1. “PEACE” … that’s what I say! As we sit listening to ferocious winds up the hill… _ _ _ _ is happening all over the world even when you do your best to escape. It’s a state of mind ZEN…is.

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