Swimming with the pigs in Eleuthera !

News this week about how to go swimming with the pigs in Eleuthera as well as a few bits and bobs . I was talking with a friend the other day about a wonderful trip that she took with friends to go and swim with pigs right here in Eleuthera. Of course swimming with the pigs has until now meant a trip to the Exumas – a fairly long trip by boat and an expensive one.

Captain Ryan Neilly from Spanish Wells.....
Captain Ryan Neilly from Spanish Wells…..

The organizer of the boat trip – Captain Ryan Neilly from Spanish Wells – picked up everybody up at the boat dock where you catch the ferry to Spanish Wells. Then a short 10 minute ride to the cay where the pigs are. At the moment there are 5 pigs – but 2 of them are pregnant so that number will increase shortly ! They were fed – the pigs that is – with sausages ( not pork ! )

Love this laughing pig !
Love this laughing pig ! Thanks to Anne Lenane for the great pictures of the pigs…..

Captain Ryan also took them snorkeling on a sandbar nearby – providing the equipment – and the excitement as well ! Lots of beautiful coral as well as technicolor fish. The boat also has a cooler stocked with complimentary water and sodas……


Captain Ryan has a great website – click on this to see his details – Spanish Wells Fishing  Prices seem very reasonable – his boat will take up to 12 people – plus one of his sons also has another boat so large parties can be accommodated.  I spoke with him and he told me that just for a trip to see the pigs – 1 1/2 – 2 hours for 1 – 6 people the cost would be $150. Or for half a day, 8am – 12pm or 1pm – 5pm again for 1-6 people the cost would be $400. I can tell you these are the best prices around !

Contact him on 242 333 4721 or cell phone 242 359 7894 or email – rneilly@gmail.com – and get booking soon because he is going to be very busy !

Friday night at 1648....
Friday night at 1648….

So now my sister Jane has left for another year – it is always so hard to say goodbye – after 4 weeks here, so I am posting a few pictures of good times we enjoyed. Let me tell you they were not all based around food – but it seems that a good few were !  The real riches in our lives are the times we get to spend with those we love – so make the most of them Living here does make you value the time you can spend together – so heed my words and do not take those dear to you for granted……

Lunch at Tippy's !
Lunch at Tippy’s !
And one from a few years ago .....
And one from a few years ago …..
Remember Coco Di Mama ?
Remember Coco Di Mama ?

Also – great news – Bacchus Fine Foods have restocked after a month on vacation and the cheese is back !

Thanks Angelika !
Thanks Angelika !

10 thoughts on “Swimming with the pigs in Eleuthera !

  1. Wonderful eww about pigs and boat charters!
    I miss Jane…..and the sisterhood you have. Makes me miss my sister even more….!

  2. Nice “pigtures”… second time around. Yes! I count every minute a thankful gift and thank you also for your friendship and insight. Still loving that stunning red hair! Keep smiling and it becomes a permanent stance.

    1. Lovely as always to hear from you – not so long now until you will be back again. kindest regards to you and Stu…..

  3. What a wonderful story about the swimming pigs. I can hardly wait to see the coming
    Piglets learn to swim with their moms!
    I love your blog and read it regularly. The last time I met you was with Eileen and Ian Gray.
    They have invited me already 6 times and can hardly wait for the 7th. I love Eleuthera.

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