Sprawling Towers and Bob’s progress.

Not too much to tell you this week – but news of Sprawling Towers and Bob’s progress post operatively. First Sprawling Towers – the roof joists are pretty much all in place now. It is going to be a flat roof – well apart from a small angle on it so that we collect all […]

Sidling into September with the Governors Harbour Collection

Well here we are sidling into September – month 9 of the year and I cannot believe it – can you ? The weather is hot but not too scary – the sea is warm but not scary warm -however we stay vigilant and keep watching those weather forecasts….. The best news is that Bob’s […]

An election here in The Bahamas in 4 weeks

Yes – news at the end of last week that the government has called an election early – it will be on September 16th. I am assuming that the lead up time is short in an effort try to help with the Covid situation. Large rallies across the Bahamas will do nothing to help ease […]