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It sounds like a great gig – right ? Lenny and the Levines in Gregory Town – for one week only ! Well it was the best of gigs – for the fifth year in succession Lenny Kravitz and Dr Jonathan Levine along with his gorgeous wife Stacey and their 2 sons – Julian and Cody – swooped in to …

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This week there is plenty to write about – summer camps, lovely lunches and Happy Independence Day all here in the Bahamas. So first – the summer camps. This week I went to see the summer camp being held at Haynes Library. The theme of the camp is around the world in 30 days – six weeks of camp – …

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Cerasee – the gift store and boutique in Gregory Town definitely deserves featuring in my Best of Eleuthera series. This charming little store tucked away in Biscuit Street – how’s that for an address – is an absolute treasure trove. If you are heading north – just look out for the sign immediately after the Island Made Gift Shop – …

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This week I took a trip up to the North Eleuthera Shopping Centre or Burchie’s as it is more commonly known. Burchie’s is the closest Eleuthera has to a department store ! It sells groceries, fruit and vegetables, hardware, home goods, appliances, clothing and most other things you can think of. Fresh deliveries come in on a Friday or Saturday …

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