Living with uncertainty in Eleuthera…..

Well we are definitely living with uncertainty in Eleuthera – just the same as the rest of the world right now. So finding ways of staying grounded during these times and not succumbing to fear, anger and panic at all that is unfolding around us takes a conscious effort. At the moment we are looking […]

Living in the moment in Eleuthera

This week I am very conscious of living in the moment right here in Eleuthera. Being totally aware of what you are doing and where you are is a practice that I think is very important at this particular time. It is so easy to race through our days worrying about what may or may […]

A guest writer for the blog this week in Eleuthera !

Well – this week we have a guest writer for the blog right here in Eleuthera ! Very lucky and very flattering for me – but totally unsolicited I assure you. We had our dear friends Clemens and Nancy round for supper the other evening and I received this from him the next day !!!! […]