The joy of Sunset Inn in Governors Harbour

This week I just want to tell you how much we enjoyed our Sunday lunch at the Sunset Inn last Sunday. Mrs Jay Fernander quietly works away six days a week producing a lot of food for takeout as well as serving customers in the actual restaurant. It is freshly cooked for each order and is very well done. There is nothing fancy – just beautifully cooked simple Bahamian food at it’s best.

On Sunday Bob had his perennial favorite – grouper fingers , coleslaw and the best home fries on the island. I chose the baked chicken with a baked potato and coleslaw. 2 cold beers in icy cold glasses and all for under $70 – service included. It is terrific value and one of the few places left on the island where the bill comes as a pleasant surprise. I am sure that anyone who has either visited here or lives here agrees that prices in the bars and restaurants have risen a lot. Certainly we don’t eat out anything like as much as we used to.

Having said that even in the US prices have notably risen.

We had a chance to have a lovely chat with Jay – she told us that this year it will be 25 years since the present Sunset Inn opened. The original wooden building that housed it before burnt down in 1997 and it took until 1999 to get the new building constructed and finished. She told us that they were off the island at a funeral in Nassau when it happened. What a terrible shock that must have been…..

Anyway if you are looking for simple , fresh well cooked food then do not overlook Sunset Inn – it is a lovely treat……

As long as we are here I will never tire of these sunrise skies……

A night out with good friends is always a tonic and we had a great evening out with Mike and Claudia Taglich – plus Louisa, Paige and Hollis. We went to La Bougainvillea and I was disappointed that their usual pizza night fare was not available. But it was more than made up for with the funny stories that were told around the table.

Don’t need to say anything – right ?

As I have said so many times before being with good friends is the best gift that there is – it is a tonic and a boost and must never be undervalued……

So this week I have just selected a few random pictures that I came across in my picture file – take a look !

A picture that I put in Yellow House many years ago …. Still love it.
Tomato bounty again this year – they are the sweetest tomatoes and grow in no soil at all ….

I told you last week the house that my Mum lived in is now on the market – here is a link to the listing…..


I think that my sister Jane may have taken this a few years ago – but I’m not sure.

Have a great weekend and just go back and re-read the Family Rules picture above……

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  1. I am Richard Lind. Bert Malcolm was my first father figure and biologically my uncle. I lived with him and The Family from about 1944 through 1949. The pink sands was an up and going Resort. Bert owned it until he sold it at the beginning of 1950, possibly Winter of 49. I have pictures and proof that the person brothers played Saturday night on the beach. There is a variety of staff in white uniforms and helping to take care of the visitors. It was not, not a small two cottage thing I have talked to old timers . They are dying now. I’ve been told that either Bert gave it to his nephew or sold it as a very low price there is reason to believe this is true. I hope you read this. And get back to me or give me a contact.


      So lovely to get your comment – was there a resort called Pink Sands in Governors Harbour ? I am slightly confused as I only know of the Pink Sands resort in Harbour Island……

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