Opening up again in Eleuthera !

Great news this week that we are opening up again in Eleuthera – curfew is extended until 10pm and no more weekend lockdowns. Inter island flights start again on Thursday or Friday this week – so life – which has been on hold a bit can start again. Of course we hope that people are […]

And the latest news here in Eleuthera is……

And the latest news here in Eleuthera is not what we really want to hear ….. On island we are now subject to a 6pm – 5am curfew from Monday to Friday with total lockdown over the weekends. Businesses can run as normal – unless you are a restaurant that serves alcohol. Restaurants can open […]

Living with uncertainty in Eleuthera…..

Well we are definitely living with uncertainty in Eleuthera – just the same as the rest of the world right now. So finding ways of staying grounded during these times and not succumbing to fear, anger and panic at all that is unfolding around us takes a conscious effort. At the moment we are looking […]